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Onye's love and fascination with music began very young. She had studied Western classical, jazz, gospel, musical theater, African art, Afro beat, Latin, hip-hop, pop, blues, rock, soul, funk, disco and r&b. She plays the piano, the guitar, and has a lot of experience with the bass, percussion, saxophone, violin, flute and drums.

Onye started learning and performing at an early age. Some of her earliest notable experiences were at Boys Harbor and Manhattan Country School (MCS). One of her favorite and most important musical guides she studied under at MCS was her Yale University educated music teacher, Mr. Clint Ingram. He helped her to realize she had a special gift, helped groom her talent and recommended that she continue her studies in music and the arts. He recommended her to the world renown Diller Quaile School of music and helped her prepare to audition for to study at La Guardia H.S. School.

She attended La Guardia High School of Music and Art and the Performing Arts, nicknamed the “Fame School”, like notables Eartha Kitt and Liza Minnelli. During high school, she was placed in special classes and sang as a soloist and as a choral member at Avery Fisher Hall and Carnegie Hall. She was also a part of the Daily News All-City High School music program. Onye also studied various forms of dance including West African, jazz, ballet, and tap. After intense study, Onye became the first graduate of the Diller-Quaile School of Music's High School Certificate Program. She was also a Diller-Quaile summer program teacher for several summers. There she would teach children elementary music theory and dance.

Onye attended Wesleyan University. She served as a Director’s Assistant and was a soloist for the Wesleyan Concert Choir. She also sang with the Ebony Singers (gospel). She began broadening her world music scope by studying South Indian vocals and learning the art of playing in the Indonesian musical ensemble, Gamelan. She continued learning dance in college primarily West African and Hip Hop dance. She also learned the art of Cheerleading and was apart of the Cardinal's Football Cheerleading Squad at Wesleyan University. She graduated winning awards for music and academic excellence.

Onye has been performing at Ashford and Simpson’s Sugar Bar, Soul Cafe, Lincoln Center, Thomasina's and several other famous venues. She has also worked on projects with up and coming artists. One of the artist collaborations involved the production and engineering skills of DJ KMT and DJ Red Alert. She was also offered contracts to write for Lauryn Hill. She has experience acting and modeling and was involved in Guy and Big Daddy Kane videos shoots. She also was an actress in the Nigerian film "Tainted". Onye was a soloist and former Vice President of her beloved Grace United Methodist Church choir.

Onye has been to Europe to perform in weddings, work in the studio, and was involved in video shoots. She has worked as a private vocal coach. Onye sang as a quartet member with Martha and the Heavenly Sounds. Martha and the Heavenly Sounds was a gospel quartet group that sang on the same bill as some of the most well known quartet groups and Stellar Award winning gospel singers. Onye also sang as a background singer for Sisters and Company. Sisters and Co. was a dynamic gospel group whose goal is to help battered women and one day open a shelter for woman in need. Onye was a member of the New York African Chorus Ensemble. The ensemble performed traditional African art songs and dance. Its primary mission is to enlighten the world in regards to African song and dance while also supporting professional and dedicated amateur artists monetarily. Onye served as the Vice President of NYACE as well as the Web Administrator. Onye sang with Hospital Audiences, Inc. The mission of Hospital Audiences, Inc., is to bring therapeutic and recreational entertainment through song and dance. Onye has also worked as a performing artist for public schools and colleges. Onye also sang with the bands Multipoint, 2012, Kallarje, and Soul Aces. The bands perform fantastic sets of smooth R&B, Funk, Disco, Pop, and Hip Hop. Onye sang with these bands at some of New York's finest establishments. Her shows have been attended by well known and important political figures like the American Civil Rights Activist, the Reverend Al Sharpton with the National Action Network, New York City Council Member Robert Cornegy, and former New York Representative Charles Rangel.

Onye has written and musically produced many beautiful songs about love and life. She is not just a singer/songwriter, but is quite savvy in regards to the entire music creation process. This independent woman, runs her own small studio where she creates quality works. She loves to tell stories that are therapeutic to the soul. It should not come as a shock that Onye values love and joy. It runs her enterprise! Good music cures! She has written with DJ Clue’s father Ernesto Shaw Sr. and has just put out another CD. She desires to continue to spread love through soulful music and share it with the beautiful listeners that are around the world.

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Professional Resume

 "Mental Health First Aid training taught me a lot about how to discern when a person is having a mental health crisis and needs help. It also is a great way to go over different mental health disorders and learn how to be a wonderful aid in a crisis and in the prevention of one."

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Members and the 

New Mental Health Initiatives in NYC - Mental Health First Aid USA

I have been certified and now trained to provide initial help to people experiencing mental health problems such as depression, anxiety disorder, psychosis and substance use disorders. For more information on the workshop go to www.nyc.gov/thrivenyc.

The ladies of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated and other pan hellenic sorority members are involved with the training. It is a wonderful workshop. I learned a lot, was able to review lots of general psychological information and learned many techniques that are helpful in aiding someone in crisis. I recommend it!

Getting help when one has a mental health crisis, is a step towards healing, restored normalcy and health. I know that private meditation time, prayer, exercise, proper diet, educating myself about "the latest" in regards to my situation, psychiatric/psychological therapy, music, good friends, family and church are all wonderful ways to start my way to better health. Like everything else every step (even baby steps) make a huge difference and the positive results do come. It's not always easy to self-diagnose especially when it comes to mental health issues. Being receptive to positive aids is always a great thing.

As the great gospel song says..."We fall down, but we get up!" As my song says, "Love heals scars life leaves...love heals scars on me!" Remember you're not alone, love yourself through life and always do right!!