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Model Poetry, www.modelpoetry.com, established in 2008, has really caught on, and is recognized and loved by Celebrities and Everyday wonderful People alike. Model Poetry is one of the highest rated Community-based sites-- and our sponsors benefit from Model Poetry's Online, Hard Copy and Video Show Content. ModelPoetry.com currently has a very strong reach in the Sustainability Community across the U.S.--and abroad and is especially loved in Hudson County and in New York City.


You have not had egusi soup until you tasted Guggins! If you've ever craved the culinary delights of Africa and the Caribbean while you are on your American journey, you must regularly visit Guggins. Dr. Sam Chekwas with the support of his family and friends has created a space where people of all different backgrounds can enjoy Seafood, African, Caribbean food, music and an ambiance that makes a day out at an eatery a day to remember!! Come to Guggins and enjoy the magic!!!