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I'm A Devastating Diva!


I'm A Delta!!!

In celebration of the Pi Alpha chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated's 35th Anniversary, I have written "I am a Devastating Diva!" As a child I hoped and prayed to one day become a Delta. In fact, when she went to kindergarten in New York, I met two beautiful classmates that later became my Big Sisters and friends at Wesleyan University! Amazing how God works!! I don't remember if Donna, Tanya and I talked about our dreams of becoming Sorors, but I always am thankful that I am a member of Pi Alpha!!!

It has been an amazing experience. In college, it opened up a whole new type of love, to find like like minded women who seemed to truly value each other and actively work on their connections. I remember being excited to talk and meet my line sisters. One of my life sisters, Amira hooked me up with an employment opportunity later and offered me financial support all with a genuine smile. My Big Sister, Stacey Haley, recommended me to become a facilitator for R.A.W. (Racism Awareness Workshop). I gained so many leadership and teaching skills. My Big Sister Catina Bacote would tell my line, like many of my other Sorors, of their future plans. After college many went on to receive masters and doctorates from many of the most prestigious Universities in the world. Soror Catina continued her studies at Columbia University. She is a prolific writer and would share her work, seriousness and furvor with us while we were on line. I've never forgotten it. She has written many impressive works in regards to issues that have personally impacted her life and society from what is routinely called a "street or urban" prospective. These works have garnered her great success and accolades.

Senior year at Wesleyan University was awesome as a member of Pi Alpha.

I had a great time doing so many things from, community service, doing step shows, attending different black greek events, going road tripping. One of the best feelings was when Donna, our then President, let us know that we had won an excellence award from Nationals.

After college, my neo, Shola and I were roomies in Brooklyn. It was my first apartment experience out of college and it was a great transition and bonding experience. She is now the former CEO of NYCHA. Soror Stephanie Ivy had a beautiful home nearby and I heard of the great work she was doing on Wall Street. She is now an Executive at Goldman Sachs. Around then I also went to see the premier of Soror Vanessa Middleton's movie 30 Years to Life at Lincoln Center with my Big Sister Simone. From CEOs, MDs, Phds, JDs, Teachers, Educators, Writers, Politicians, and Mayors, etc., it has been wonderful to be around sophisticated ladies doing sophisticated things!

At some of my most important shows, Sorors like Donna and my Spec. Nyasha came to support. It was nice to see them in the audience. I remember my Soror, I think it was my number 4, Big Sister Karen, asking me if I had thought of writing a song about Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. I had recently crossed and did not want to butcher it so, I smiled, honored, and I thought and lived a lot of years! Happy 35th Sorors!! I hope that this songs goes over well and that Sorors feel my appreciation for their sisterhood in my life.

The video below captures a little of my journey with my Pi Alpha Sorors. Please Enjoy!