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All Hail A Cab For 

Our King!

January 1, 2020

This is a picture, of pre Coronavirus, rush hour in front to MSG and the Central Post Office on 32nd Street and 8th Avenue on a Monday. Does anything strike you as odd in this picture? Have you noticed that there are 5 yellow cabs waiting to take our seemingly drunk and stumbling King anywhere he wants? I did not have enough camera space to show you that there are at least 2-3 other cabs as well. As for me...I am never, ever... as an educated, nonviolent, non offending, well groomed, courteous, quiet, pleasant, heterosexual, beautiful, black African woman with money in her pocket every time I have ever hailed a cab, ever been of economic or social value to the yellow cab driver or owner. I have had rain water purposely sprayed on me till I was drenched, I have been cursed out and thrown out of cabs. And of course passed by for the first pretty white face that joyously needs that taxi at the same time I do!! 

Original Man

On Malcolm X Blvd

January 20, 2020 MLK Day!

The MTA takes a lot of troubled men and women riding up and down these New York streets. I was on the bus one day and saw a young man looking very disshoveled. I don't know why, he in particular, caught my eye. It might have been because I was feeling down and had just had a tough session with my Psychiatrist. In front of him and me was a man with a hat that said Original Man and had the African silloiette.  I though wew, how far we've fallen. In this quest for money and other things, All those primary colors red, for the heart, green for the earth, and yellow for the sun, have now become pixy dust!

I suffer from Paranoid Schizophrenia and when I am on the bus and someone is whispering loudly about my Onion breath, laughing about my nappy hair, my skippies,my cheap phone, my buck teeth, my broke pockets, and my music. I wonder all the time, how much am I paranoid and how much are these so nasty and cruel that it is just for me clinically toxic?

I wondered how much he had issue with money or if something else was troubling him and how much do you care for someone else trouble and how much they need to solve their own woes?

Gay Pride!

Want to take a Ride?

Rainbow Hearts and Other LGBTQ Graffiti and Propaganda on Public Government Run Trains Managed by the MTA and Paid for by Public $$$

February 14, 2020

Why would you so flagrantly promote loose sexual practices in front of economically disadvantaged children and teens on  subway cars? This is disgusting. How in world does this serve our youth? They are growing children with curious and untrained minds, bodies and souls. Their habits are not fully formed. This pedophilic monstrosity has got to stop. Sponsors, like Weinstein, Cosby, Lowry, and Allen need not be the first pockets that we solicit corporate dollars from, in order to promote the most tacky display of poor parenting and educating practices that could ever be thought and taught.

NYCHA and Mitchel Lama:

Developing a Middle Class Living Standard in NYC

February 15, 2020

There are so many talented, bright, intelligent, thoughtful, clean living desiring children that live in the development. Like me, years ago, I loved what I learned and the acquaintances I had in my old neighborhood, but would have more enjoyed a tidier experience.

I love that the City in general is so much more clean, but I think that for these kids pleasure, thoughts about laundry availability, gyms in the complexes, swimming facilities,study halls, libraries new updated tiles, rugs and elevators would take their life experiences from survivable, to enjoyable and thriveable. We live not to fight, but to love - what we do, who we do it with and why we do it. Think about investing in the advantages of all our spaces being modest and tasteful and the mental and physical pleasures that it would bring!

Sanitation in the City

March 18, 2020

Pizza rats! I used to do rat brain research at Weill Cornell Medical School and cut those rats brains up! Chop, Chop! Sanitation in the city has gotten better, but still has a ways to go. The sanitation system is massive and complex. For our health all the parts need to be efficient orderly, tech sophisticated and saavy!

The sanitation issues in our city leaving a lot of kids sick. One of the biggest hazards is asthma. Generally, the mold, bacteria, spores and asthma rates are too high. Children are need to live with different aids that should be unnecessary if you design a city well. Money and using poor kid to finance big city living and big dreams is perverted. We need to man up and think bigger!

Homeless Men, Women and Children in New York, NY


April 25, 2020

The homeless issue has gotten modestly better than when I was young. In the 70s it was scary how many people were homeless. There is still a housing crisis where, even professionals and doctors complain about being housing insufficient.

There are a lot of new buildings and many are quite expensive. I hope that the Millennials and beyond are able to enjoy life to the fullest as the most educated generation. I hope that they are able to find adequate housing and resources, so they are not schlepping from check to check, but experiencing their youth with wide eyed excitement and 5 star comfortable joy. We invested a lot into these kid living in a  better time and environment. Let's enjoy and manage the fruits of our labor more productively.

Led Piping and Legionaries:

May 25, 2020

  1. I hear in the media and from time to time of led paint issues, legionaries, filtration issues, clogged toilets, leaks, and floods. These are all awful to experience and a nightmare to live through. Since 60% of our bodies are water. It is so important to have clean water. I hate when my building is has an issue and other people to basic sanitation and hygiene is all I ask for y'all! Life is some much more fun clean with out itching and scratching and the HHC, who needs it!!