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Onye Enter​tainment

 Luciferian Tales  

Gin On Mock 10!

A Poetic Online Comic Book About The Entertainment Business' Comedy of Errors!

In a land that spiritually is infused with good and evil, making quality choices in life can be hard. Creating a journey with a heavenly destination is even toucher. Through life, you are constantly forced to pick between right and wrong. It can have you bouncing from on place to another feeling lost, dejected, confused and abused. 

Let me elucidate your mind and enhance the bounce! 

What the Hell? That Hurts!

“When you wobble,

And you pump,

When you bounce,

Feel the bump,

It's bugged, when you feel the funk,

You've got too much junk in your trunk!

When you've fallen and can't get up

With the crips, you feel the blood?

With the kings do you feel down?

Like your booty don't stink,

When you do do brown!!”


+ Onye!

Women of God 

Our Purpose, Our Position

As women our role as nurturers is different than mens. We bare hold our children in our wombs for nine months and when they first come into this world, they suckle on our full breast our milk, we wipe their tears and their bottoms all day to night. The need to make certain that a sanitary and safe environment is what they experience, is crucial to their healthy development. When our homes or minds are dirty, our children are burdened by sickness, stress and pain. Some of us, loose our children to SIDs and fevers, because the spaces we provide are not clean enough for a baby. We have a special role in regards to setting a standard of clean. Today, racism, misogyny, post party depression, child abuse, miseducation, teen pregnancy, money, stress, sexual assault, domestic violence, drug dealing, incest, child molestation, pedophilia, sex slavery, prostitution, food insufficiency, unaffordable housing, and many other environmental crisis are making normal sanitary conditions and basic mother-child communications practically impossible to have. Many of us are relying on prayer and miracles to be the vehicle of survival. The reality is that the situation is so bad in many parts of the world, including in America, that women often are bed ridden for much of their pregnancies and have to have their prematurely birthed children incubated in the NICU, because the natural and preferred female body is under too much stress for it to house grow the child without multimillion dollar computer/machine/drug and medical assistance. Men are being besieged with sperm reduction, erectile disfunction, and castration at astronomical numbers. If as a world and particularly American society we continue down this path we will not be able to have children, the reward and joy of life. We need to seriously address these issues and other that are destroying ourself and our earth home before we loose it.

When I  Think Of ​Home...

Stephen King's Cujo

Our Team B*tches!- urban Gay Slang

The Oxford dictionary defines a bitch as a female dog, fox or otter. It is a pejorative slang word for a female who is belligerent, unreasonable, malicious, a control freak, rudely intrusive or aggressive. When applied to a man, bitch is a derogatory term for a subordinate.

She's A B*tch

- Missy Elliot

  • You witch, on your broom stick, 
  • Horizontal? Use it to clean up b*tch!
  • Flying around, like you the sh*t, 
  • D*mn you ain't got no hair left chick,
  • That's right you deserve it! 
  • Sorcery, on that fairy grind, left the almighty to land on your behind, being funny, when things are real, making grimy wicked dirty deals! 

Move B*tch 

Get Out The Way!  


  • I'm a lady, I'm not a b*tch, 
  • Get out your way? 
  • Say, "Pardon me miss", I'm not your dog, Respect the Alpha to the Omega, Hell raising storms, with these rainbow Gods, One blood my n*gga, that we all need, Dirty bombs with all this greed, Let me aid you with a little school, keep it clean, don't be a fool!

Courtesy of the Museum of Dogs

In the United States and Canada, it is informal a man or boy regarded as unpleasant, contemptible , or wretch. US informal a male friend: used as a term of address. It can also be used with a girl or female as an unattractive or boring, unsatisfactory or inferior, short for firedog.   

B*tches & Hoes

  • From Uncle Tom getting clearance, From the enemy, to join the jet set, his first lady takes that check while she knows, it's to keep the hoods wrecked!I'm a paragraph. Click once to begin entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

  • Miss Universe? Rather be the king's daughter,
  • Crowning eagle of God that got her sh*t in order, 
  • Educated on how things are done, 
  • Not by the streets, but homes of the holy one.  

Flippin' The Bird!

 Eagles, Chicks, Pigeons, and Crows, Where They Go, Only God Knows.


Music Teacher

  • From your chicks to your chicken heads 
  • Getting on your creep and giving head
  • Remember your trojans and your styles instead 
  • Of getting hurt, if your misled
  • Protect yourself and keep in mind 
  • Your womanhood is always on the line
  • He's eyeing how you do your thing 
  • Is she just one night or an occasional thing?
  • What does she do?
  • How does she add? 
  • How is her head?
  • Will I 
  • Hey chicks looking fly
  • Looking to be sly
  • You're still cooped at Mom's nest 
  • You haven't developed your adult breast yet
  • Calling up Tyron?
  • You better put down that d*mn phone,
  • Finish studying what love means, 
  • B4 you become a love machine

Soaring Eagles

Vice President

  • How does an Eagle learn how to fly?
  • With the wind beneath her wings,
  • Navigating broad streets, 
  • Laced with finest things, 
  • Little ivy, got that BA,
  • Sophisticated sorority,
  • Living church every day, 
  • Learning how things should be, 
  • With faith as big as a mustard seed, 
  • Pushes on, crying from the pain, 
  • With such pain how is she not totally drained?
  • Renewed everyday, by the Lord in a mysterious way,
  • With him by her side,
  • She doesn't have to be filled with pride,
  • With him she believes there is a purpose
  • And learns how to enjoy the bumpy ride
  • Boasting is not needed because she's simply riding with her Dad
  • Happy with his love she hopes in the end through it all 
  • She'll be glad




  • Look at these birds 
  • On BX streets 
  • They fly to top of the Corona trees 
  • Look at you and drop them treats 
  • See them enjoy  
  • f*cking with your peace
  • Bringing you down to their size
  • Is a satisfying feet  
  • They size you up  
  • Your fall's their passion
  • How you'll go down, they like to see you talk trashin
  • If you bite, they laugh when you get f*ck up
  • You'll see them frown,
  • If keep your eyes on God and you'll see, street games ain't worth sh*t, tell them, "Anyway!" then walk away, you'll sleep in peace and see a better day. 

Eat Crow


Per Diem - Fired!

  • It's a funky sensations when you lean left,
  • You weren't listening like you went def, 
  • It's like when you're doing the electric slide 
  • And you bump your girl on the right,
  • Gingivitis sets in, 
  • It's a painful fight that's hard to win,
  • You ain't ready for that cancer fight, 
  • A terrible fate for something you knew right
  • A momentary high just to soon cry,
  • Sorrows to much bare to think that it was fly,
  • Learn what's best for you in this short time on earth, 
  • It's a university course, 
  • Learn what a woman's worth 


Slaves to Fashion

There are three things that make the earth tremble - no four it cannot endure,a slave who becomes a king, an overbearing fool who prospers, a bitter woman who finally gets a husband, a servant girl who supplants her mistress.

Proverbs 21-23

Modern times and modern economic designs seem to have us beginning to loose sight of what is right for ourselves and for our families.

  • Mocking the fallen
  • Oh, how cute!
  • Stepping on their faces
  • Then showing your boots
  • Craving attention and making scenes
  • Not using your talents, just playing
  • Insulting people, that don't want to know you
  • You may have paid off the the police, but God is watching too
  • Turning people's stomachs with cruel images us
  • We're not all animals, out for cheap fame and bucks!

The Future King and Queen 

Of England

Our Hope For A Better Future! The English King!!

Dressed for the Theatre,

 Dear Evan Hanson!

The Devil Wears Prada!

- These is bloody shoes!!

Coming Soon...


DST, AKA, ZPB, SG R  & Co....

Independent Women Striving To Do What's Right

“If my eyes are unable to see you as my sister, it is because my own vision is blurred. And if that be so, then it is I who need you either because I do not understand who you are, my sister, or because I need you to help me understand who I am.”

In Search of Sisterhood 

Written By Soror Paula Giddings

Coming Soon...


Over The Rainbow...

Coming Soon...

The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

Coming Soon...

Tom and Jerry Shtick!

Coming Soon...


Coming soon...The Tale of NEGORELLA! Out in 20/20. See abc for live local listings...The Badest Scary Movie Ever Told!! Hel*, It’s hot!!!

In the 1st scene, Negorella looks like a princess who has just finished her last high school test and buys a red hot dress for her prom. She’s beautiful and off to the Ivys. She is the apple of all the hottest guys including the tight end on the football team. However, Negorella has a rival. He is a bisexual beast. He is gorgeous, biracial and a bisexual God! Light skin with green eyes, he stands 6ft tall and the envy of men. Also headed to the Ivys, she doesn’t know that her date is dating him. Her best girlfriend is also jealous and has no date.

At the dance she feels a little funny about what is going on around her. She goes for a walk with him in the park and is heard screaming shortly after. Will she live through her date?

Here are pictures of her crime scene... 

A Valentines Day Special of Negorella:

On the last episode of Negorella, Negorella was saved a lot of pain and loneliness by attending a service at the African American church. Happy to go home to her 5th Avenue quadruplex with an elevator, terrace, backyard, grill, George Forman chicken rotisserie, marble bathroom, walk-in closet, mahogany stair case, canopy bed, island kitchen, snow pure bread white poodle and Latina maid. The Latina maid opened the door with a humble smile as she walked in. She helped her with Prada bags and she told her about her weekend.

She told her that she had been stabbed and saved by the African Americans with wonderful nursing and sweet songs. Negorella then went upstairs to her canopy bed and slept, Monday was going to be her first pi freshman day at the Ivy. Negorella was excited about it and started packing. Negorella could not wait to meet her new friends at the Ivy and see if there were any hunks on campus.

Negorella then laid out her important chokers, imported extensions and had her shofar pack them into her beemer. She the took larger quantities of cash , Susan b. Anthony’s out of the bank, for the long drive to the Ivy.

Negorella is heard by EMS and because she is privileged to live in the best part of town, she is saved. Her Saturday night looked live but the incident killed her spirit. She decides to go to a small African American church in her neighborhood. That year she made a sizable donation to the church near a dilapidated housing project nearby and it seemed well received.

She walks into the church, broken in spirit and is met by one of the church women who was preparing for service. She immediately smiled and tells her what happened the night before. They both commiserate about the state of affairs in the neighborhood and what she went through. Negorella asks if she can join the service and sits quietly in the last pew.

The service was beautiful and all the bitter church women who felt insulted that she got to live in the more desirable and clean part of town, immediately consoled her, empathize with her suffering and supportively continued with the service, which gave her a Mustard seed of faith that God was there.

The Latina female pastor after the service, who has an impressive legal background, offers her services and tells her that she should return for continued counseling in her office. She smile comments about the warm feelings she has when she hears the choir.

She enjoys light refreshments and goes home. 


The Tooth Fairy

Coming Soon...