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Eros Pathology

Enjoy music that celebrates love and mentally healthy living!

 Enjoy Onye's latest cd Eros Pathology. 

Onye's music is all about the celebration and beauty of love. She incorporates in her music all that she has learned and experienced to tell stories about love and life through song. In a world filled with pain, suffering, wicked and evil behavior, her experiences have only confirmed the straight truth; love is the only way to freedom and joy. Eros Pathology tell stories about how the different wrongs and evils that she has witnessed and experienced in her life reinforce the importance to live life straight with God and to respect herself. She sings about the abuses, pains and joys that she has experienced in her journey and how she more and more sees the erosive damage wicked behavior and evil does to ones mind, body and soul. Her fear of evil has always challenged her, but her love of fun, joy and hope of the chance to experience love freely and purely, keeps her marching on. The music while deep and rich with challenging philosophical exploration is still simply stating: love is life and makes life good. Come on y'all let's have some fun!