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Onye's Story

An Idea Is Born

Eros Pathology is all about the love's path. In these 7 songs, Onye sings about how mental, physical, verbal, emotional and sexual abuse has detrimental effects on how people function. It explores how this particularly relates to women. How we treat each other is so important. As such an important nation, our actions set an example for the world. We need to become a more gentle and kind nation and make our central platform and agenda how to heal. As Americans, racism, drugs, sexual abuse and economic injustice are some of our biggest issues. Searching for healing and how to mend the divisions that have plagued Americans and much of the world is part of Onye's mission and purpose for her music. Please enjoy these songs that celebrates the joy and pain that comes with the learning about love in this world. 

Onye's First Song

1. "I'm a Devastating Diva" celebrates sisterhood, womanhood, service to others, family, friends and loves.  The need for woman to acknowledge their greatness is just overdue! Sometimes American culture can be oppressive with an alpha male edge that insists that we cow-tow, mock each other, degrade each other's self esteem, lower our self worth and be submissive and subservient. It is a misery so pure and deep, it can strangle every bit of joy out of life! 

It is wonderful to be a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. The sorority is comprised of sisters with the same heart felt christian based goals; scholarship, service and sisterhood. These incredible women strive to support each other through thick and thin with a ferver that would please Christ. We take care of our families, become leaders in our respective fields, and spread love through our day to day activities. 

Having a supportive organization comprised of such amazing women makes life not just more abundant, it brings such peace to know you can count on another sister who truly cares about you when you are in need. 


2. "Pandemonium" - talks about how life can get crazy and that the chaos can become overwhelming. However, God's order is truly at the hearts of the lessons and experiences we live through. So, have no fear, God is here! Keep the faith and carry on!!

 "Wait a Minute Mr. Postman" 

3. "Mr. Postman" - is a kichy song about computer love in the millennia. It can be entertaining and it can also be dangerous and draining! Watch what you say! You never know what's really going on, on the other side!! Lovers beware!!!

"Love Heals

Scars Life Leaves"

4. "Love Heals Scars Life Leaves"- Life in this world can be spooky and disconcerting  at the very least. Fear, worry, pain, and so many other experiences can be scaring. From cuts and scrapes that Mommy kisses away to great fowls committed by our neighbors and loved ones, life comes with scars great and small. Love is a mitigator for experiences that could otherwise be overwhelming and finding the right way to approach difficulty in life is crucial. Learning how to get through scarring experiences with the right attitude and using the right tools makes all the difference. What does not kill you makes you stronger. Finding the value in pain and how even in the hardest and cruelest worlds there is something valuable to learn and appreciate just says somethings about how great thou art!


5. "Nightlife" - is a jazzy song about enjoying the party of life. It encourages everyone to go out and enjoy the party of life through the nightlife. Enjoying it cleanly and safely. It makes it all the more spectacular.

"I'd Love to Be Your Muse" 

6. "I'd Love to Be Your Muse" - This song celebrates romance. When it is good, we inspire greatness in each other and through are unions. And we have a great time doing it!

"Treat Me with Dignity!"

7. "Treat Me with Dignity!" - Women are constantly disrespected in this world and especially in this country. Even when we are striving to be our most virtuous selves, there are those who want to put us down, sabotage our success, kick us when we're down, lower our self esteem, and humiliate us. People can devalue our worth relentlessly. Our educations are at times, non existent which hampers our ability to properly nourish ourselves, maintain clean surroundings, raise and our children and advise our families. We can constantly be targeted for others to be emotionally gratified negatively. 

How is a mother supposed to feed her child breast milk when she does not understand her body? When she has not emotionally healed from a past pain? Does she understand the biology and chemistry she needs to know so she can properly nourish her child? How are her finances? Does she have enough to feed her crying child?

This song talks about how women need to be treated with dignity and respect. From school to the boardroom, women should be treat as equals and our voices and needs need to be treated as just as valuable as a man's.

When we all thrive in our educations and treatment of each other, we live well, and enjoy life more abundantly.