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Onye Enter​tainment

Will U go 

4 Love?


And the Lord will be King over all the earth. On that day there will be one Lord - his name alone will be worshiped.

Zechariah 14:9 NLT

              Born in 1973, my journey started shortly after the passing of Martin Luther King. His powerful legacy touch my heart and life profoundly. I still remember taking the 2 train and before 96th Street predominantly white men having an understood right to sit down first on the train. It was strange to me, especially seeing beautiful woman, like my mother, not gently offered the seats first even with their children. I remember that the Vietnam war was still brewing, conversations about what the national language should be for Nigeria my homeland, Muhammed Ali, and Mandela electrifying the political conversation. I remember watching Eyes On The Prize several times and being deeply moved. 

I went to, Manhattan Country School where my principal, Gus Trowbridge an Englishman, had been an part of the movement and founded the school with his vision to continue the movement by creating a racially integrated private school where there was an emphasis on political awareness. It left a deep impression on me that this young white Englishman had such a passion for MLK and the civil rights movement. He seemed to be overcome with great passion when he spoke about the intimate time he spent with him. 

MCS is an incredible school academically and instilled important character lessons and straightened out a lot of my questions about what the right path was in life. I thank the Lord God All Mighty for Martin Luther King's spirit and work. My generation's girls were not beholden to antiquated limits on our study of subjects like math, science, athletics, teaching, construction and technology. We had more freedoms in regards to our bodies, choice of friends and loved ones. Our color, race, economic, social class, and gender were less the driving force of our life, our intelligence and character meant more. Though there is still more to achieve in all those subjects, in regards to human liberties, MCS brought a lot to me and changed so much in life.

Thank you Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King​ for your love, brilliance, gentility, and life's legacy.

Your legacy forever lives in me!

Martin Luther King III with my friend, Evangelist Charlette

A picture of me with my MCS teacher's Cynthia  (5th Grade) and Michelle (Spanish). Cynthia became the Lower School Director and Michelle became the Principal after

 Gus Trowbridge (RIP) retired. 

My Graduating 

Class of 1987

Gus was also my 

grammar teacher!

Thank You all for your teaching excellence and teaching me how to be an excellent servant of the Lord's.

 God Bless you always!

 Will It Be Tonight

1. The night you meet someone special is unforgettably powerful. You treasure the moments and cannot wait for more of the magic to happen. The anticipation brings excitement that is incomparable. Life's not meant to be lived alone.

Love's to be shared and great memories made. 

2019s Latest Fashions From Spanish (Latin) Luxury Clothing Line, Loewe 

That is why I tell you not to worry about everyday life - whether you have enough food and drink, or enough clothes to wear. Isn't life more than food, and your body more than clothing? Look at the birds (the Eagles!). They don't plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. Aren't you far more valuable to him than they are? Can all your worries add a moment to your life? And why worry about your clothing Look at the lillies of the field and how they grow. They don't work or make their clothing, yet Soloman infall his glory was not dressed as beautifully as they are. And if God cares so wonderfully for wildflowers that are here today and thrown into the fire tomorrow, he will certainly care for you Why do you have so little faith? So don't worry about these things, "What will we eat? What will we wear? These things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers , but your heavenly Father already knows all your needs".

Matthew 6: 25-32

I've Got to Look Good Tonight

I love to have a good time out but, 

I have my limits and have other things to do!

2. Young people don't over do it with those latest fashions and all those trendy clothes. They are just hear today and gone tomorrow. And don't we all most of the time curiously look at our old pictures and think, "What was I thinking when I put on this?" Funny huh! Keep it clean, neat, cute and simple. Show God humility while you are getting your groove on! Most importantly, focus on sharing quality time with loved ones and meeting good new friends! Then you'll have fun, love and life and more abundantly!!​

Courtesy of the Satanic Church and Channel 7 ABC Broadcasting Television

3. Genesis 2:18 Then the Lord God said, "It is not good for the man yo be alone. I will make a helper who ins just right for him."

This song is created to 

celebrate womanhood and the gift we are to men!

As it stands, men have not began to respect one word of the bible! The first lesson is to respect woman, her life, liberties and voice as equal to their. Her voice and input is very important. In the equation, she is wo=man. and in the wo or fe=male has a different perception and calculation when it comes to creation. She is the trust (wo= wife, companion, mate, better half - English etymology), the fe=iron the symbol and chemical element on the periodic table or fe= trust Latin etymology) in the symbiotic relationship to life. Woman and our feminine touch = beauty, prettiness and attractiveness that is different to a man's. 

There is also strength in our weakness. Through our pain, we learn lessons in gentility with life and children differently. We learn a sensitivity and gentility that is crucial when dealing with delicate and tender children. Our trustworthiness, standard of clean, honesty, and earnest relationship with God are different. Need these gifts to properly tend to our children.

Men are typically equipped with a different muscular strength and relationship to construction (Jesus was a Rabbi and a carpenter). He was a leading voice in the virtues of God and the construction of a home. 

 Yes, men have a lead role in creation. God created Adam in his image first however, do not ignore the fact that woman do as well. We are housed in a woman for nine months and birthed through her. Her voice being ignored for so long has led to massive destruction, bloodshed, unbearable stress to humanity and mother earth. Her rights denied and her being attacked virulently and abused with words like whore, slut and other disrespectful terms by men, has led to the great destruction: atom and nuclear bomb levels! Words are powerful and actions are too. 

This song celebrates equality and the unintended gift that Satan gave Eve of the importance of listening to God and the great pain that comes from disobedience. Satan or Lucifer, originally intended to be a powerful and influential teacher of impressive knowledge and music, became so corrupted by is greatness in authority, sexuality, attractiveness and knowledge. He began to use it against God and man. He, and other angels fell from heaven and God's good graces and so did man and woman! Lucifer, though his intention might have been to kill steal and destroy man, continues to be used be God, enlightening us as humans as to what not to do and what not to wear in the darkest times of man's existence, deep in the night (where corruption can hides, in the moonlight: 

mooning=ass=deification=ejection of poisons and other unwanted materials to the body of Christ!

The dawning of a new day in life is coming soon with the return of our Lord. We should be vigilant and clothe (arm) ourselves with love and knowledge. There is nothing like the love of a good woman!

Our education about the life around us is just as important as a man's and our authority is as well. All races, both sex (human) and colors need to be respected and heard. We are all equal and in our God intended purpose and creation. We need to listen and create well with each other for our Good all mighty God and all of our children's sake. 

Artwork by

 Theresa Mahamah

Mommy Says This Is How Love Is

4. This song celebrates the ladies and the beautiful role we have in life. We give life, teach character, life skills, and show what love is about Mommy, Mom, Mama, Ma is foundational to our well being.

Treat Us well!

Love is a two way street and selfishness has one hitting the pavement ass backwards!

U go Princess Di!

5.  There is nothing like the love of a good woman. Your daughter needs to feel it first and your mother needs to feel your allegiance and respect. Life comes with hard situations. When you're born sometimes it seems like everything in your life is so off and wrong. Did my Mom and Dad make poor choices? It's hard to tell. Focusing on God's love and for you to honor your parents through his righteousness is important. It does not necessarily mean you should do exactly what they say at all time but, think critically about your path and what good you can make to of it and for your family and the human family altruistically. Be bold in your prodigous step, fearing God and love the life with which  you have been blessed. 


6. These men! Challenged by ego, superiority complexes, sly, slick game playing, sexual conquest issues, money, parent and parenting woes, they can so easily go so wrong. Venomous taunts, insults, flippant violent reactions to problems and cagy moves to try to make you give them what they want, can all get overwhelming. Focusing on your importance and being straight forward is important and for a woman an intelligent leg up! 

It's Plane

To Sea,

I'm In Love!

7. Life is nothing without the engine of love. It takes a pile of nothing and makes in a thrill! Once you find someone special and runaway from relationship cliches, you soar into a different dimension with endless joys ahead!


A Road Back Home:

Bush Gardens 


La Pleasure

7. The pleasure that comes from making good love is the best feeling in this life. Learning how to create this pleasurable experience is the best path and the journey, while mysterious, is just marvelous. 

Adam was made for Eve and vise versa. 

Eros Pathology

Eros Pathology is all about the love's path. In these 7 songs, Onye sings about how mental, physical, verbal, emotional and sexual abuse has detrimental effects on how people function. It explores how this particularly relates to women. How we treat each other is so important. As such an important nation, our actions set an example for the world. We need to become a more gentle and kind nation and make our central platform and agenda how to heal. As Americans, racism, drugs, sexual abuse and economic injustice are some of our biggest issues. Searching for healing and how to mend the divisions that have plagued Americans and much of the world is part of Onye's mission and purpose for her music. Please enjoy these songs that celebrates the joy and pain that comes with the learning about love in this world.

I'm a 

Devastating Diva 

1. "I'm a Devastating Diva" celebrates sisterhood, womanhood, service to others, family, friends and loves. The need for woman to acknowledge their greatness is just overdue! Sometimes American culture can be oppressive with an alpha male edge that insists that we cow-tow, mock each other, degrade each other's self esteem, lower our self worth and be submissive and subservient. It is a misery so pure and deep, it can strangle every bit of joy out of life!

It is wonderful to be a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. The sorority is comprised of sisters with the same heart felt christian based goals; scholarship, service and sisterhood. These incredible women strive to support each other through thick and thin with a ferver that would please Christ. We take care of our families, become leaders in our respective fields, and spread love through our day to day activities.

Having a supportive organization comprised of such amazing women makes life not just more abundant, it brings such peace to know you can count on another sister who truly cares about you when you are in need. 


 2. Pandemonium talks about how life can get crazy and that the chaos can become overwhelming. However, God's order is truly at the hearts of the lessons and experiences we live through. So, have no fear, God is here! 


        Keep the faith and carry on!!

Wait a Minute 

Mr. Postman

Psychological assaults

3. "Mr. Postman" - is a kichy song about computer love in the millennia. It can be entertaining and it can also be dangerous and draining! Watch what you say! You never know what's really going on, on the other side!! Lovers beware!!!

Love Heals Scars Life Leaves

 4. Life in this world can be spooky and disconcerting at the very least. Fear, worry, pain, and so many other experiences can be scaring. From cuts and scrapes that Mommy kisses away to great fowls committed by our neighbors and loved ones, life comes with scars great and small. Love is a mitigator for experiences that could otherwise be overwhelming and finding the right way to approach difficulty in life is crucial. Learning how to get through scarring experiences with the right attitude and using the right tools makes all the difference. What does not kill you makes you stronger. Finding the value in pain and how even in the hardest and cruelest worlds there is something valuable to learn and appreciate just says somethings about how great thou art!


5. "Nightlife" - is a jazzy song about enjoying the party of life. It encourages everyone to go out and enjoy the party of life through the nightlife. Enjoying it cleanly and safely. It makes it all the more spectacular.

I'd Love to Be Your Muse!

6. A friend, a mate, a loved one who not just loves you, but helps you attain goals that a far greater than your wildest dreams is just amazing. Finding that one takes some doing, but is magic that is created when found make life with living! 

Treat Me with Dignity, 

I Deserve it!

 7. Women are constantly disrespected in this world and especially in this country. Even when we are striving to be our most virtuous selves, there are those who want to put us down, sabotage our success, kick us when we're down, lower our self esteem, and humiliate us. People can devalue our worth relentlessly. Our educations are at times, non existent which hampers our ability to properly nourish ourselves, maintain clean surroundings, raise and our children and advise our families. We can constantly be targeted for others to be emotionally gratified negatively.

How is a mother supposed to feed her child breast milk when she does not understand her body? When she has not emotionally healed from a past pain? Does she understand the biology and chemistry she needs to know so she can properly nourish her child? How are her finances? Does she have enough to feed her crying child?

This song talks about how women need to be treated with dignity and respect. From school to the boardroom, women should be treat as equals and our voices and needs need to be treated as just as valuable as a man's.

When we all thrive in our educations and treatment of each other, we live well, and enjoy life more abundantly.