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Onye Enter​tainment

Navigating New York!

Empire State of Mind - Jay-Z & Alicia Keys

If I can Make It There, I Can Make It Anywhere  - Frank Sanatra

Nightlife - Onye

Victoria's Secret

Vicky's Secret is what all the men want you to have on your butts ladies! O' these mens loves the booty!! 

Over the years Victoria's Secret has nailed fashion and affordable luxury. Now, you've got to keep up with their sales, if you are on a budget and most of us are. Subscribing to their marketing emails is a great way to get the latest info on the hottest and sexiest trends in lingerie. The Semi Annual sale has all the store jam packed and the sale is great and a lot of fun. Its fun to chit chat with ladies online and while you shop. All year round they have deals on their merchandise, so you don't always have to wait for the semi to stock up or replenish anymore! 


Macy's is one of the most important shopping experiences in America. When travelers come into the city, I recommend that they enjoy the experience at least once. From the design of the department store, the quality and affordability, to the helpfulness of the staff and retail commerce, I like Macy's flow! The return policy is buyer friendly and the from furniture to cloth edgy and trendy. I can enjoy buying my favorite designers for relatively reasonable prices, the music, food and other friendly customers and clientele. 

Macy's online is great too! I play a game I nicknamed Macy's Pipe Dream! 

Gap Inc.,

Old Navy, 

Banana Republic


These store have a great selection and are reasonably priced. I am getting up there in age, but I grew up on these brands and as a student and then a young professional in the City, these brands had me stay fashionably current, well dressed in  breathable cottons, and kept a little change in my pocket!

Lincoln Center

Metropolitan Opera House

Julliard School

Avery Fisher Hall

A few years ago I went to see Cosi Fan Tutte by Mozart at the Met. It was grand!  The performance was incredible. The voices, the staging, the costumes, and the script had me entertained from the beginning to the end. A long time ago I saw Aida at the Met. 

Lincoln Center is filled with some of the most well known stages in the world and puts on some our times most important shows. The performances are professionally and shown in impressive halls and auditorium on a large central campus. 

The performances are especially wonderful if you are a student of the theatre. You learn from the best staging, costuming, design, sound, direction, etc. From the ushers to the lights, most performances that I have been apart of or seen performed they were flawlessly executed. 

The Diller - Quaile ​School of Music

The Diller-Quaile School of Music is a  world reknown for its quality in Western classical music. The school is wonderful from top to bottom. 

I started as a student at around 12 years old. I was recommended to the school  my primary school's music teacher.  He's an Ivy League educated Opera singer that taught at the school, my primary school (MCS) and traveled abroad as a professional singer over the summer. His command over music, awesome presence, style of teaching, and gentility sold me on the  school just as he told me about it. I remember being excited for the audition and interview.  Because of my financial constraints, the school had to see a particular seriousness, dedication and fervor. Financing a student's study can be hard for administrators who have to ask philanthropist, companies and other donors for support. They like excellent results for their support. So, I was elated that I was able through the interview process to show them what they needed to go to the school.

I remember meeting the founders Angela Diller and Elizabeth Quaile one day at one of their homes and looking like the young girl above! The musical experience has been one the most important ones to my life. The teaching  not only refined my skills in music, in etiquette and other important challenging parts of my life, they helped groomed me into a top notch musician and professional.  

At 16 years old I started teaching and have enjoyed an incredible career as a music professional ever since. DQ is phenomenal. I highly recommend it. 

Sam Ash and Guitar ​Center

As a musician, Sam Ash and Guitar Center are the stores to know where to go for all your music needs. Located in prime Manhattan real estate, they are easy to access on 34th and 14th Streets. 

The quality of the products they sell is excellent.  They have a wide variety in the showroom and are quite knowledgeable as to where to obtain products that they do not directly work with. They have classes and it is a great place to meet and network within reason with other pros looking for gear.

They sell new and used and are reasonable and work with you or direct you to other sources which i the music biz is a wonderful asset. Both stores have a nice ambience.  You can check out the sound and play on different instruments before you make a purchase.  That's a plus for an artist!

Over the years, I have bought a lot of gear there and have most of the time enjoyed not only the products, but the experience. 

Apple is one of the most important computer and communications companies in modern times. There products and services are some of our best in America and are helpful in getting many tasks done. The level of solid and reliable equipment that has a reasonable  company warranty and easy transferable 3rd party , makes getting work done more efficient, less stressful and time consuming. They are also reasonably priced, though they may be generally still a bit of a strain to the pockets! I recommend Apple product especially as a musician. I find that they are some of the best and safest ways to work.

I like Toshiba's products. They are solid and reliable. They are also, typically for certain household electronics, affordable. It is important as a young person in school to learn about the major brands and the products that they make. The more you know, the more you keep in your pocket! Over my lifetime, I have been happy with my purchases with Toshiba and if for any chance there is an issue with the device (thank God not often), there return policy and warranty guarantee are solid and buyer friendly. 

Burlington Coat Factory has in recent years become central to the New York buying experience. While other major pricey retailer begin to fade into the past like Lord and Taylor and Sax Fifth Avenue, new lower end quality driven department stores are beginning to command New York's modern experience. I like it because I think of it like a retail flea/antique shop. It kind of has a Goodwill feel, but with new merchandise. I love that! I also love the quality and affordability. You can really get a lot of bang for your buck. Another wonderful part of the shopping experience is what I always appreciate non invasive retail staff like Macy's for the most part, and the return policy is solid. 

Venmo is one of many new important financial communications companies of our day. Now merged with Paypal, its usefulness and popularity has made it an easy way to make economic decisions and financial  transfers quickly, smoothly and affordably. The app design is well organized and I have not had any accounting errors to date. That is key! I also love the option for immediate transfer bank transfer for a modest fee. The fun listings on the wall of friendly transfers is great go through at the end. I like to see what's trending and what people are sharing their wealth!!

Sony Corp is one central to our American lives! It controls lots of the electronic and entertainment forces that we buy. From TVs, Play Stations and Stereos to movies and music, Sony is an entertainment power house! Sony's quality generally is phenomenal. For decades I have relied on their products for consistency, design accuracy, longevity and solid pricing. For a woman with a modest budget, it is important to me that company I buy from sells reliable products that last. I find Sony products to be some of the best. The administration is also reputable, professional and friendly.

Viacom is a huge force in modern entertainment. They are the umbrella company for some of the most influential outlets of modern American TV. Their holdings are the major networks, but are some of the companies that have many of the well watched and entertaining shows. Their viewership is vast and youth oriented and they work with some of the progressive, diverse and multicultural themes. Though there is a lot wrong with modern television every step toward better programming makes a difference.

I worked for Merrill Lynch for close to 5 years as a relatively recent graduate of Wesleyan University. I started as a temp and shortly after became a full time employee, At the time Stan O'neal was he CEO and I worked for a short time under the COO who was also African American man, which left a wonderful impression on me. Working for Merrill Lynch was one of the most important employment experiences of my life. Though all of the work thus far was thankfully valuable, the skills and knowledge I picked up from Merrill Lynch helped to shape me into an administratively and economically well rounded woman. Merrill Lynch's professionals are some of the finest around. Top notch in education, professionalism and organizational skills, their knowledge of the financial scope of the world is of the most superior in quality. That does not mean that it is easy to navigate Wall Street or anything else in this economy. The money game is tough! However, Merrill Lynch's staff are know it alls!! Many Harvard University educated professionals, they know a lot about the nature of money, stocks and how to navigate the economic system. Their offices are modern classically designed, clean, neat and well organized. Merrill Lynch does have it own interests, so you better have your own interests in focused. I think you need to know what you want and a rudimentary idea of what and how you want to attain it. They have a level of honesty and seriousness that makes financial growth possible. But, again when you work with financial advisor, you become apart of a team and your voice and knowledge matter. You cannot make assumptions and put your money in their hands blindly. They don't make miracles! If you are looking for a excellent and reputable brokerage firm, Merrill Lynch is one of the best. 

It's Your money...have your "A" game on!

I worked for JPMorgan Chase many moons ago. Both companies had recently merged and I worked as an Executive Assistant and did other reception and administrative work for different departments. I must say that then they had an seemless  operation. There computer system and general professional conduct made my work pretty easy. They seemed to have a strong portfolio of leaders in the financial sectors and entertained top notch clients. I used to work in the Executive offices. My mother also did some banking with them and they handled her account, in my opinion, relatively professionally. On the storefront side, I have not had an account with them, but have from time to time done transactions in regards to music and their ATM services. They seem to be not to be doing as much robust business these days, but with the ebb and flow of business as it is designed, it is to be expected that leaner times come. The amount of people that I watch at the storefronts near me seem to be dwindling and I am not certain why. However, they are still considered one of our best banking options with the most solid reputation so, I hope that in regards to America's business things improve.

Why you ask?

We all need to eat and well!

When I first started banking with TD Bank it appeared to be an exciting new banking option. Still a relative newcomer to the working world, I liked the average New Yorker appeal and the attention to those of us who typically work with a smaller less impressive financial budget. 

First impressions are lasting impressions and when I first opened an account with an Accounts Representative at one of their UWS branches, I did not appreciate the tone and attitude of the representative. She was abrasive and seemed to have a not to want to push me to another banking option using microaggrasive cues. I had descent credit and a solid banking and employment history at the time as a college graduate. She still  seemed to reluctantly open an account, however finally did.

Over the years, banking with TD Bank has had its good and bad. They have many locations. This makes banking with them convenient. There fees are affordable. The tellers are friendly and highly competent. The phone assistance auto and live is pretty good too. So, that has been wonderful and made life easier.

However, the accounting side which is the core of he experience, has a lot to be desired. As I noted above, my initial meeting did not go very well and over the years their have been a lot of questionable accounting transactions. There have been times where it was like dealing with a magician with cards, where online and talking to the car salesmen, important numbers and information would disappear, or move around right infront of my eyes.

Overall, they are one of the better banking choices in my opinion so, good luck! 

I'm a techie! I love my tech! Through out the years many electronic stores have come an gone. One that is etched into my memory forever is the Wiz! Nobody Beats The Wiz!! Well, now Best Buy is our best bet in the city!!!

They are affordable, they are reliable, the customer service staff is friendly and knowledgeable and shipping is a good deal.  

P.C. Richards is the best place to get your home appliances, electronic and tech needs met. They have great deals and the staff is helpful and friendly. The quality of merchandise is excellent. Warranties are pretty long in length and typically not to hard to have honored by the store or manufacturer. 

The showrooms are huge and you an fiddle with all types of gadgets and asks lots of questions. The staff (mostly male) are female friendly! So, even if you're not a tech savvy as I am, they won't make you feel like a fool!!

Staples has all my office needs. I like the design of the store and the quality in the products they sell. They are priced right and the clearance section is my fun little treat!

Most of your standard office electronics are on display. They also have a variety of accessories and supples. The sell office furniture. I also like the array of paper goods, pens, labels, stickers, boxes and cleaning products. 

The best thing that Staples is doing to me is the back to school sale deals. I think they are awesome and a wonderful way to make sure that our children  are well stocked for the year with the school supplies that they need. 

They've also started to sell some wonderful toys around Christmas time. It's a nice option to peruse at that time of the year too!

Whole Foods Inc. is one of New York's latest and greatest elegant gourmet food staples. From ambience to product, Wholefood is becoming a must go to when it come to purchasing quality foods at high to moderate prices. I constantly struggle with trying to find the best bargains in New York and sometimes fail to invest in as much quality as I can. This is a huge no no when it comes to my food, but with these paychecks, what do I do? I appreciate that Whole Food has been listening to it's hugely growing clientele and has been battling the price war successfully. It seems that they have kept consistent the quality of their product and have been able to reduce the price which makes it more affordable to the average New Yorker. 

I must say, I grew up healthily in New York, partly due to my home grocery, Keyfood! Keyfood is more of a standard no frills grocery store and I do appreciate the high standard of quality. I worked as a cashier at Keyfood while in high school, so I could learn while I earn!! I learned the ins and outs of commercial/retail food distribution and from cashier to management how major food distribution operates. It was a wonderful experience. Back then I had a great boss and relatively few issue as a young employee. The quality of food is excellent. Of course you need to know what your buying and what it will do for you. With the financial perils that all New Yorkers face, I appreciate their acceptance and relative ease in working with lots of programs that assist the poor and to middle class in balancing their budget like SNAP and WIC.  

Trader Joes is awesome! It is a Crunchie's paradise! It has an urban New York appeal, yet has a earthy rural farm like essence that makes it a fun shopping experience. I am amazed at the value to my dollar. I do feel I save a few. The quality and taste of the product is nice. I do get nervous, especially with all of the atmospheric crisis about validity of new companies  and hope that the FDA and other regulatory agencies are doing their jobs, but so far I do appreciate what Trader Joes is bring to the foods industries and the new options presented to average New Yorker. I am alway watching my diet, though some days and better that others (wink!!). So far the food that I have incorporated into my diet have made a positive difference on my waistline, pockets and skin! I'm liking it!

$.99 Stores, $1 Stores and Bodegas!

All across the city are some of my favorite shopping staples, stores nicknamed the 99 Cent Stores. They are an economic marvel. The quality to affordability for home products is unmatched. I like that they understand not only the day to day product and home design of this diverse country's citizens, I also appreciate that they keep it fresh and affordable (there may be some issues with the food areas however).  The staff in typically unobtrusive and friendly and their is so much to choose from. Typically many of these stores are owned and managed by people of Middle Eastern and African decent from counties like Yemen. It is nice converse with different New York neighbors and see the commonalities between us. 

Buying Online

Walmart has become an American mainstay. There is a huge amount of variety in product and is they are priced to move. The quality is excellent and the online store is easy to navigate. They have an excellent phone/service staff if any eventualities come into play. The purchase and shipping policy is great and the products that I purchase come quickly.

Amazon makes buying on line effortless. The design of the site is marvelous and it has so much to choose from.

It's a wonderful hub for all different types of products that can be purchased easily, shipped affordably and delivered quickly. I enjoy the experience. Sign up! Make a wish list!! It's fun!!!

Yankee Stadium, Met Stadium, Madison Square Garden, Sports and General Entertainment Spaces in New York City

The excitement in the air that surrounds a stadium outing as a young person. It is all so brand new. The crowds the popcorn, the hot dogs, soda, and of course the game or performer makes a day in life, a day to remember and fondly!

I still remember when my Mom gifted my elementary school class to see my first baseball game at Yankee Stadium. Thank you, Mom! I almost caught a foul ball!! That Almost!!!

NYC performers and athletes are serious about what they do. Many come to NY to try to make it with respective talent. So, they don't play, until they are ready to play the game and well!

YouVersion: The Bible App

Grace United Methodist Church

St. Paul's Methodist Church

Journey Church

It is a wonderful biblical resource. I like how handy it is and how I can access all types of information at the touch of the screen. Its programming makes it user-friendly and it is well organized.

I made the wreth above myself using some relatively inexpensive materials I bought at Michaels one year. It was a great way to pray, put on some christmas music, and  celebrate the great gift of biblical proportion Christ birth is by doing something he's loved. Celebrate God everyday by taking the time to do something you know he'd love from you. Be creative. He'd love that. Be simple, hearty, and economical. He loves that too! The more you give your Father the thanks and praise he deserves for giving you this opportunity to learn from the master how to be a master of all the in eternity. The better! First things first. Be serious and learn about the straight path of love. You'll love life and get more out of it!

Fast Food Options


Burger King


Crown Chicken

Kennedy Chicken

Your Hood's Chinese



Now when Popeye's took off in the chicken scene, I was a sceptic Beat KFC's? Is this possible? The taste, the price, the fried chicken of it all...What will come from this new venture? I did not think it was possible, but I have now become a huge fan of Popeye's! With American fast food, balance is alway key. It is an integral part of our lives and helps us balance our transatlantic days and our domestic home lives. Our day are filled with global hustle and bustle, it is wonderful to have companies that deliver consistently reasonable priced foods that are fresh, clean (relatively) and a tasty divergence to what should be our healthy daily diet. The food is well seasoned and they have a modern look to the dining area and a respectful/customer friendly staff.


I grew up on New York pizza! I must say, the best in the pizza game! Famiglia's is a New York staple. All around the city, they consistently sell quality, fresh Italian American cuisine that is modestly priced. They are not your $1 pizza joint. They are on a higher economic tier. But, they a reasonably priced and have a celebrity clientele. Who can hate Famiglia's! They are associated with some of New York's most important entertainment arenas, like Madison Square Garden. I appreciate their friendly service, neatness and clean environment.

 Italian American chow, that's amore!

Michael's, Party City

Toys R Us and Other Toy Stores

I love toy stores! As a kid, I used to love to run through the isle and marvel at all of the different choices. They were always stocked with goodies.

Now that I am all grown up, I still love to go with children and pick up toys. I enjoy talking to kids about different products and using it as a time for sharing, caring, bonding and educating them on there environment, the different materials that go into the making of the product, basic math, finance and money management skills, and social/ communication skills. It is amazing as a parent, family member, elder and/or educator how we ingerently do this everyday. Some of us more effectively than others. All of these experiences are inportant to your child's development. Enjoy wisely!!

Michaels, Party City and Toys R Us  have a wonderful variety of crafts and around different holidays are stocked with affordable goodies for the season. The stores are  well designed, the products are reasonably priced and the quality of the materials used in their creations is of a good grade, making them typically long lasting. They all have a great return policy as well.

Kindergarten through 

8th Grade

I recommend:

Montessori Schools,

MCS and PS 75

There are some great schools in New York. From kindergarten to 8th grade, there's a wonderful variety of classes, environments and teaching styles to choose from. New York public school system is challenging to navigate. There are a lot of bearocracy issues, finance issues, environment and child development issues that make for a lot of problems and failures. As a parent that wants the best for their child, New York is where it's at, but you have to be determined to find the best for your child and jump through a lot of hoops. Success is possible, it happened for me and my Mom.

There are independent schools and private schools kindergartens, elementary and Jr. high schools that are so good at what they do that your child is practically guarenteed to make it to the Ivy League level of schooling. They're that good! Financing that level of schooling is challenging, however if your child shows focus, determination, an excellent work ethic, a basic grasp of elementary skills scholarships and donations are much more easily looked into and found. Spoiled brats pay full tuition!

Make sure you watch and show yourself to be the best student and parent you can be. Your life altitude, comforts and even longevity are critically impacted by your education. The better, the better!!

High Schools

I recommend:

F.H. LaGuardia School of Music and Art and the Performing Arts

Stuyvesant High School

Brooklyn Technical

High School

Bronx Science High School

Kennedy High School

Martin Luther King

High School

There are a lot of descent public high schools in the city. Some of the high schools in some of the more racial and economically challenged parts of the city are not as good as those in more affluent neighborhoods. But, you'd be surprise how much over the years they have improved.

The specialized high schools are a great resource. When I was going to school in the late 80's and eary 90's there were only 4 and they were hard to get into. There are more now and I hear there still wonderful.

I went to a private elementary and jr high school. It was costly and small. I wanted to not only go to Lag for the excellent Music program, but for a different environment and social experience. It was just what I needed.

Check out the different options and make a wise choice. If the city is getting to small for you, there are incredible boarding schools not only in our country, but in the world. As the bible says, "seek and you shall find." Find that diamond of pearl of a program in this rough and tumble world. I bet you'll be glad you did!

Colleges and Universities 

in New York

I recommend:

Columbia University

City University of New YOrk

City College

Baruch College

John Jay College of

Criminal Justice

Weill Cornell Medical School

There are a lot of enriching college programs in New York. Even in high school I was able to study at some of the universities part time. Researching online, reading about the latest news on programs in newspapers and magazines, helps to properly prepare you for study. Getting to know the school through brochures, pamphlets, going on time to open houses, interviews and cold calling administrators shows seriousness in preparation and dedication. Admissions loves to see that and the financial aid department watches that to like a hawk!

Money does not grow on trees. Bananas do! And Only monkeys get to eat in the wild for free!!

Check for accreditation and recommendations. Ask friends and family members about the programs that you're interested in and if they liked them or can recommend any to you since they know you. US World Report magazine is an excellent resource, online searches are great too.

Don't waste your time or money on non-accredited and recommended schools. Reputable employers know all about the different schools out there and your preparation for the job on your resume. Your salary will be affected, your preparedness for the job will be affected and your life experience will be affected as well. Make sure you know what you're paying for and how much it is worth to you before you apply. You are a good fit and and good match.

NYC Hospitals

Harlem Hospital

Columbia Presbyterian

Cornell Medical Center

Lincoln Hospital 

Fordham Hospital

Jamaica Hospital

Nobody likes to get sick and should as little as possible. Honoring your temple with cleanliness and health is excellent and important. Personal hygiene, eating right, exercise, maintaining good sexual health practices and keeping abreast of the latest in medicine is important. 

However, with you best foot forward, crisis do occur. Job, in the bible (one of my favorite biblical characters to reflect on) was righteous in his walk and still put to the test. He at one point in his life went through many troubles including health problems.

In this life time, you're bound to go through health troubles, especially due to an economy that relies on it. Make sure that you keep yourself healthy and if you find yourself in trouble, after praying if you get a chance call 911 or go to your nearest Emergency Room. HHCs are required to see you. Having proper ID and health insurance always make the trip easier.

Being knowledgeable and vigilant if you have any chronic diseases is great. The more you know the better you can fight, advise the doctor and be aware of any money scams. There are still Quacks and Sharks out here and they are money minded and you'll do yourself harm not being self protective and aware.


SNAP, Section 8, NYCHA


Medicare, Medicaid and

Other Government Subsidies

Life is tough! Young money is tougher!! One of the most important concepts to get down is sharing in this world and its relationship to love. People can be so selfish and self serving. They can leave you in a bind when you really need them.

It is wonderful to have resources that provide a safety and stability in the down times. Business in this country has its own design, ebb and flow. It is so easy to get into a bind or deficit.

Remember to focus on your passion, gifts and talents, things that God would love the money will mysteriously find you. Do not focus your mind on money. For the love of money is the root of all evil. God frequently in the bible refers to life as the tree of life. Money does not grow on trees and nor should you, monkey!

There are passages in the bible that refer to how God takes care of people and works with the government. Check them out. President Roosevelt, Johnson, Obama, Clinton and Lincoln made some great decisions that have trickled down to little better living and a little more safety in the struggle.

Use those resource and use them wisely. In this life, your bound to get sick and your business is bound to have a set back or fail. Having several plans for time of trial are as important as praying.

Make certain that you have a good relationship with the government free from corruption and incarceration. Go for dreams. Reach for the skies! Pay your taxes and on time!! The more you invest in the system the better the pay out in regards to retirement and medical especially. Work hard and make sure you keep a breast of social programs. Community meetings are important to attend and so is voting. It is the foundation of our country.

I'm a democrat


I approve this message!

Museums and Libraries

Ashione Gallery

The Guggenheim Museum,

The Jewish Museum,

The Children's Museum, and

The Natural History Museum

I love the museums and galleries around the city. They are a great  resource for a student. There is a wealth of information and some amazing spirits. I love to see a child's eyes light up as they walk from exhibit to exhibit.

Most recommend a donation for entrance. Make a day of it. Give what you can and learn something new. Take a friend and have a salad or burger afterwards!

You'll feel classy and done something good for yourself: expanded your mind!

Flea Market,  

Fairs and Outdoor Events

I recommend:

Flea Markets around town 

25th Street Outdoor Flea Market

Perry Street Fair

Martigraw Inc. Street Fairs

There are so many wonderful street fairs, musical performances and other outdoor events all around the city. They and so good for your mind, body and soul to take in. Makes sure you get out and enjoy them. The New Yorker, The West Side Spirit and other publications are a great resource for free events to those that cost money. has great resources online and in their brochures at the kiosks around town. From time to time get out and kick those heels, you'll feel good afterwards!

Bars, Restaurants and Nightlife Activities

I recommend:

Shrine, Sarafinas, 40/40, Myst, Paris Blue, and Red Rooster

The night life in the city is usually percolating with lots of exciting things to do. From house parties to major magic happening at mega clubs, every night of the week something hot is popping off.

There are a variety of establishments that cater to different crowds. Hot clubs like the 40/40, the Myst, Paris Blue, Shrine, Sarafina's and Red Rooster are great spots to enjoy food, drinks and of course good music. They are modest in price and fun! I've been hearing that the live music at Red Rooster, Sarafina and Shrine has been fantastic. The energy is mature, chill, melow yet up and spirited. From musicians to patrons, I've been hearing the party has been live there. When I went to the 40/40 a while back I had a great time. At the door, I knew just from the crowd at the door that this night was a good night to be at the club. Everyone was looking to get picked to get in. The ladies and gents were flashing there hottest poses, clothes and jewels. It was nice inside, the decor was polished and the crowd was fun.

I've heard of the new NYC government resource the Office of Nightlife at

Amusement and Recreation

I recommend:

Coney Island

Rye Play Land

Resorts Casino

Atlantic City Getaways

The Statue of Liberty

Dave and Buster's

Chuckie Cheese

Loews Movie Theatre

There are a lot of great recreational activities in New York City. In all the hustle and bustle, you have to take some time to rejuvenate your soul.

Let google be your best friend and find something fun and affordable to do around the city. There are so many classes, arcades, fairs, casinos, gyms, bowling allies, parks to choose from. Some of these places are free, some ask a modest fee.

Take some time for yourself and find something fun and pleasurable to do. You need it and won't forget it if you look well!