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Onye Enter​tainment

Ugochukwu - The Poetic Eagle 

Onyejuruwa: Onye's After God's Heart, Not The Things Of This World! 

The Poetic Eagle is an ongoing series of informational entries made to nurture

the positive mental, spiritual and physical growth of our youth.

"She silently stepped out of the race

she never wanted to be in, found her lane

and proceeded to win."

- Thanks Soror for Sharing this Inspiring Quote!

Obviously, I'm not trying to win the approval of people, but of God. If pleasing people were my goal, I would not be Christ's servant.

- Galatians 1:10 NLT​

Home is where the

heart is!

Your Path in life...

Before you start building a home, you must learn how to do so correctly. Educating yourself on how to build a solid and aesthetically pleasing construction, creating a blue print of your design and starting with a rendering, is a great start. You want your home to be comfortable, aetheically pleasing and fit your needs to a tee. Building a solid long lasting foundation is a funadmental part of the building process. The foundation of your home is key.

In your life's journey, there is a wonderful metaphoric analogy that can be made between building an earthly home and your life. When you create a foundation in life on God's principles, your eternal relationship with him is solid. Let God see, in this lifetime, who you are and what you are made of through your character, conduct, gifts and talents. Through the good times praise him. Through the challenging times, don't get frustrated, start to pout, act spoiled, complain, or curse him with your words or actions, praise him always. The right words and attitude come first before you create anything. It determines your altitude. Actions speak louder than words. They are powerful too. So, build wisely and you will stand with him forever.

Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. - Psalm 37:4

Your mind is much more important than your matter(s) and physique (physics) in this journey. It is really up to you what you choose to create. I was told my gift and purpose was music at a very young age. I love and thank God for my gift. It is just what I wanted and I work everyday to fulfill my purpose in his God's grand creation day by day.

When asked which is the greatest commandment, in the new testament Jesus paraphrases the Torah and says: "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind...Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself."

The good all mighty Lord wants you to delight in righteousness, but does not want to force you. His light is made up of a spectrum of colors and mediums that you learn from as you go. Your mind and words are a driving force. How you train and habituate your mind, reigning it in from suseptability to all types of wild thoughts and sinful temptations, is a critical part of your development. The more seriously you take your choices, the better the outcomes will be.

Biblical  instruction on how to navagate life, is spiritual food, a  phenominal foundational support and a wonderful meditative tool to start everyday.  The word is medicinal to me. It gives my soul peace and reading it in the morning, is like doing spiritual palates! The yoga like meditation is relaxing, centering, calming and helps me focuse on the new days tasks and how they serve God's way. It comforts me in times of trial, sorrow, pain and helps me to remember that there is even purpose in the trouble and hope in the future.

Biblical principals, at the root, should water your life's journey.  The old testament tells many stories about testing character, strength and leadership skills especially under extraordinary pressure. Leaders,   impressive to God and his kingdom, kept him first. They were driven by doing something for people and were able to prevail, victorious through incredibly tough circumstances and at times great national turmoil.

The new testament goes further into depth in regards to ethics, morals and what is truely valued by God: your character through it all. Your passion for Christ, your love of love and it being the ruler of your heart, your way and your day to day. You are always a child of God. Stay humble and keep that innocence throughout your life. He may have bestowed on you great talents and gifts, but if you do not keep your heart and soul filled with love, you might begin to become arrogant and ugly, creating something before God that is unappreciated, rejectable, repeatable or damnable, a legacy and a judgement you do not want. There is no cold, cool, warm or kinda with God. You need you follow love with all your heart and you'll see the delight and enjoy that results. Now, That's hot right!!

When you make a home. One rotten block at the base can destroy the entire house eventually. It is important to make certain that you have the basic building blocks in order to build well and have it be long lasting. We live in a world where we have structures that are hundreds if not thousands of years old. Some of the physical pyramids, temples, churches, mosques, palaces, court houses, were made many moons ago and are still hear telling their stories. Their stories are rich with the history of many human beings that lived tumultuous existences. Stories of great triumphs to falls fill the libraries of this world. Challenge yourself to be a great absorber of knowledge and live in and through all the books you can get your hands on!

American Style Bullying

"Everybody hates you!"

"You should just kill yourself!" 

- An ongoing nauseating American social commentary!

Your character is so important. Your attitude determines your altitude. In the story of Cain and Able, the brothers both had fields that they had planted and watered. Able had been diligent and throughout his tasks in order to get the field to produce an abundant crop, was kind and respectful to others that he traded and studied with and prayed regularly for God's guidance. Cain was not as respectful. When things went wrong, so was his attitude. Low and behold, when their crops began to come in for harvest. Cain's had large deficits and Able's was abundant. Cain was so jelous, that he divised a plan to kill Able and did. Able went to heaven angry that his brother had cut down his life and ended it before he was done with his earthly experience. God made it up to him in heaven and there helped him to understand why things happened that way. God was so angry with Cane that he went to Hell when he passed, his children were cursed as well and eternally will exist in the land of pain and punishment forever.

Cain, Kane, Sugar Cane, Big Daddy Kane, Cocaine...Modern life has many of these substances that appear though out your journey. There are mediphoric analogies that can be made about you behavior and eternal trajectory. These days on these streets, the path to the heavens is rot with all types of sugary sweet substances that tell a story of over doing it whe it comes to the things that displease God. Make sure that stay focused on the wisdom and knowledge that God wants for you to acquire. Along the journey there are wonderful treats to stop and enjoy, but don't over do it make sure you keep concentrated on good conduct and your goals.

Your conduct is heavenly currency as the God uses his universe to create each day for you and you morph from one look to another day to day and relate to every experience. Having faith, working on Godly things like your talents and being nice are honorable and holy. Keeping clean in thought and actions and keeping clean arising in the morning making your bed, brushing your teeth, etc.

Henny Penny & The Giving Tree

I remember as a young child reading Henny Penny and thinking...THE SKY IS FALLING?!?! What!!! What does that mean? What is God through man metaphorically trying to express? The sky seemed so steady and basic to the life and the human design. 

Climate change, the industrial age (black clouds), the tech age, the economy, nuclear war, education (reach for/beyond the stars). There is a great divide that is deepening between heavenly conduct and hellish  behavior.

They say it's what you create, I say it's my fate. It's in my DNA.

- Imagine Dragons

God wants the best for us. That is a love like no other. Love is In this life you can choose to create for God's heavenly kingdom to come or to create something is so corrupt, you are punished forever! The price is too steep! Creation is deep!!

The story of the giving tree reminds me of man's (and wo-man's) relationship to God. God is merciful and throughout all adversity is there to give. However, it is a symbiotic relationship. Sharing with him and respecting his God's order is also important.

I loved this story book when I was young, because it was a wonderful alagory that I thought of when it came to my relationship to the Lord and my mother. My mother always sternly told me about the importance in this lifetime to give and to give back. When I read this story, it reminded me of all the things that God gave me everyday and the importance of me giving his back things I thought he would appreciate. He's not like my mother who I can see. My Mom, who is a powerful authority in my life and primary representation of God in my life, showed me proper ways to show love, caring, kindness and sharing. In life, I would reflect on my eternal relationship with God and what all of this meant. As I got older, I would more seriously think of how I could celebrate these principle concepts with God and celebrate his mercy and love. When I was young, it meant cleaning up, doing my chores with a smile, getting good grades, and grooming my manners (ie offering someone on the train my seat). It then became things like, getting a job in Jr. High School to help with the bills, buying small thing like orange juice to help ease the my Mom's monthly bills and starting to take care of my own purchasing of clothes and shoes.

As I get older, I try to move forward in my life, getting more and more deep in the meaning of love, how to accurately share it, show God appreciation. He is not in this life time represented by in person, like Jesus, but in the bible, my family, friends, jobs, and every other experience.

The Giving Tree and the tree of life and my family tree have metaphorial and alagorical relationships. The giving the tree gave was so beautiful in nature. She always was there to be happy to see her boy happy. Her boy did not seem very appreciative and did not take care of the tree ecostystematically. You need the tree and need to pass it down to your children. There is a method to using a tree and replenishing it. Mother earth is the sae way. You need to learn how to neatly use it and leave it neatly for your kids and generations down the line. The boy in the story took and took, but did not give back and the tree ended up a stump.

God is very giving, kind, sharing, merciful, and so much more. However, he is a master and a teacher. He wants you to create with him a personal relationship. He want you to choose a path that most pleases him. It is one filled with love, wisdom, knowledge, good character and talent growth.

God loves you! Choose the path of love. To me, there's nothing more satifying. Our love is a precious gift!!

Guns, Bombs, Nuclear Arms and Law Enforcement:

War in America

Thank God, after the youth took their crisis into their own hands and marched for their rights to be educated in safe environments, school shootings have seemed to subside. Unfortunately the crisis is not over and more needs to be done in regards to the general safety of children and youth all over the world who are being educated in different poorly secured facilities all over the world and especially in America. 

I frankly do not believe that the Second Amendment loosely allows me, as an American citizen to have a gun and use it any which way I like. I believe that in the framing of the constitution and legislation our founders to the legislator of today are our guides and servant in regards to our safety and liberties. In respect to that service, we as American should more seriously take the dessemination and use of guns.  

Guns are considered a lethal weapon. They are deadly in nature and at the very least can do great bodily harm. To allow so loosely anyone to be able to get a gun is not only a miscarriage of justice, an insult to our general American intellect, an assault on our children, and a danger to our day to day activities. Personally, I would have a moratorium in the right to bear arms. To me it is an antiquated right that was given in another time when people might have had a need given the oiler slave and gold system they used for financial sustenance. Now that we are in the tech age, much smaller a world given our great advancement in cars, trains and automobiles, our communications should be more intellectually driven and not reduced to older rudimentary, desperate  and barbaric form of communication like, "Robber: I have a gun! Give me your money. Victim: Just a second, I'll give it to you in a SNAP!"

At the very least, like having a car there should be a manual given and then an initial test, then ones eye sight should be check, a general background and credit check administered, a police and security agency course should be given , general law including when you have the right to use a gun should be taught, a shooting gallery test should be administered and then a license should be given that is renerable every 8-10 years for a small administrative fee! Every gun and bullect purchased should be on that licensed gun owner's ledge just like a car with it's driver and the DMV. Any infractions should be noted and suspetions and terminations issued in accordance with the civilian record and responsibility. 

This trifling NRA money conversation, that basically say we as American should be held hostage be an organizations whose Evangelical Republican values have been sorely corrupted by Goliath levels of greed and injustice is outrageous. We as Americans are better than that and our God given lives should mean more. 

From petty thugs to organized crime (organ=body parts) + (ized=make or become) + (crime =unlawful acts punishable by a state or other authority including God) entities we have ben held hostage as hard working American citizens just trying to pay the bills and live a little. 

For the cycle of: loving money over life (love of money is the root of all evil), robbing Peter to Pay Paul, it cost an arm and a leg! Has got to go and order be restored. Our American livelihood is worth more than that. 

As for these brewing war there is and has never been a  winner.

God being with you when he believes that you are in the right and will do a better job in farthing his will. Many of the figures n the bible went up against insurmountable natural odds and were able to defeat their enemies. In the modern times with so many technological way start to fight more strategically with our intellects and not with our brawn. We need to get our priority straight and that is our child and our loved ones. The need safety and peace.  

God believes in American freedom and that money is a corrupting third party. Love is a two a street. Let's not get lost on BROAD-WAY!!!

(Left) Puppeteer, Penny Jones, shows one of the Spectrum reporter one her puppets: Dr. Know It All. Notice his colorful rainbow hat!

Erosions, Pathologies, and Modern Medicine

How many rainbow flags does it take to promote

LGBTQ Pride in the Money Shot?

(There were at least 30 flags for the 25 people that in the initial photo which I was told was photoshopped to hide the enlightenment of the ridiculousness!)

"Butt F*ckers of the Night! Unite!!"

Camp Counselor, Med-O-Lark! ~'88

Run from sexual sin! No other sin so clearly affects the body as this one does. For sexual immorality is a sin against your own body.

Corinthians 6:18

And he said, "This explains why a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one."

Matthew 19:5

Count the flags used in the advertisement above. You will notice that there are more flags than people! Please also note that the large financial investment in the promotion of LGBTQ has resulted in coronavirus aka COVID-19. These last 5 years, I have seen an outrageous amount of money invested in the promotion of pan-sexual practices, LGBTQIIAP+ = Wrong, wrong, wrong, just dead wrong!!! These sexual practices are considered, in modern medicine and religious practices in Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, an abomination (against the instruction and desires of their God). They are a detestible sin. Even worse is PRIDE. Pride in Judaism, Islam, and Christianity is to flagrantly disregarding general practices that you understand are wrong. It is an affront to God's instructions. This is blasphemous and your eternal reltionship to the Good all mighty is in severe in jeopardy. He might even terminate forever his relationship with you for engaging in such behavior.

Don't you realize that those who do wrong will not inherit the Kingdom of God? Don't fool yourselves. Those who indulge in sexual sin, or who worship idols, or commit adultery, or are male prostitutes, or practice homosexuality, or are thieves, or greedy people, or drunkards, or are abusive, or cheat people - none of these will inherit the Kingdom of God.

Corinthians 6: 9-11

Intercourse is like food for the body for most adults. It is a spiritual gift to marry and enjoy within marriage a wonderful sex life with your mate. It is a course journey, but filled with magic when taken seriously and the commitment is right and real. Don't rush it. Relax. Don't jump into bed with anyone or everyone so fast. You are too cool, beautiful and important as God's child. Take your time. Learn about it. Dream about it. Who you would like to date. Who is attractive. Prepare for it. Sex education it typically in the 2nd or 3rd year of high school. Listen well and read up on the latest in regards to your generation. Have fun with your class and classmates. Treat them well. Compliment them when they are looking particularly attractive. Compare notes with friends. Consult your doctors with any questions. Your gynocologist, urologist, and primary are very important in your life. So, is your dentist. Your dentist you ask? Yes. Your body is all interconnected. That licky-licky effects you! Go to those visits and asks those questions. Safeguard your life and treat your temple well.


For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. And some people, craving money, have wandered from the true faith and pierced themselves with many sorrows.

Timothy 6:10

Blacks and whites together! We shall overcome one day. - Pete Seeger

Notice in above advertisement. Dr Reigh (3rd Reich - The whitiest nazi jargon you can ever see) and Dr. Butts (An asshole n*gga) offer their services. This cycle of blatent disregard to basic health practices, ends up in a vortex like cycle of having to be the patient in the money disection of your body that is then replacted by cheaper parts, medical tape, suitures, drugs that cheat your body into believing everything is ok when you are over riding the pain signals and language that lets you know that something is wrong. You don't even end up making your doctor rich. You just end up broke as a stoke, then have a stroke and then have to cough up the change to pay for the time and money to bandage it all. Take care of yourself my beautiful youth!

Unfortunately, sometimes poor financial, envoronmental, or education opportunities can forse or at least make an ordinarily straight forward experience convoluted with poor choices, because the money was not right. Of late there is a lot of financial power and violence that is supporting the homosexual community. The investment in advertisement all over New York City is stifling and we have a lot of impressionable children that live here. I find it not only dangeriious to their psychie, I find it perverted, and pedophilic. Lately, I've seen the city, including the MTA, plastered with homosexully inviiting imgery. I have also seen many more advertisement for drugs and other medicine related to HIV infections as well. There is alot of drug money involved in the homosexual life style. I suspect that the excitement might have an exuberant sensory explosion however, God warns about not following sensations, that you are not a dog or buck, or sex object or sex slave or any other animal. You are human and at the top of spiritual world hear. You have a high intellect and developmental experience. Use your head, prepare from your mind, to your body, to your clothes, to your college dorm room an experience to remember. In this present Luciferian tale journey the eve of the return of the lord, remeber that you are not perfect and need to a originally intended get married to your first love, but you should be clean though out your life. It is possible to have your cake and eat it too! Keep clean, have a little fun and prepare for the main inter course, your man, hubby, partner or wifey!

Generation X: 

The Rock, Pop and Hip Hop Generation

 "I get up, just to grind to the bottom!" 

Rapper/Musician - Freeway


Emannual's The Master

 Of Ceremonies Here

Who's the square?

Lucifer's, killin his shine

So ugly, in J's days

He double crossed the 69!

That was his best friend?

He became a feind?

J's nice on the mic

And likes the finer things

Why'd he settle for the funk?

That Sandford and Sun tasteless junk?

Robbin hoods and Peter panhandling 

Just to pay Paul for a hump

Even Farah Khan knows, this is God's final call

There's a Grimm chance you'll see those pretty Kingdom halls

Clean up your act and get nice right away

Lightly, learn from this soil to the sun and respectfully

Don't soil yourself up so badly

You can't return home

Jesus love you, no need for worthless data to roam!


The good, the bad and about hip hop is that there are so many rappers that have told stories from all walks of life and well. Africans generally concentrate on promoting God, positivity and general social mores of the society through their mascarades, festival, religious and cultural activities in Africa and that is one of the threads that holds the diaspora link together. Music, food, wisdom and knowledge are some of the  other primary links to the chain that lays down on the heart of the African soul.

It is preventative to educate and keep positive educational theater in the minds of young people. The art of African story telling, typically revolves around animals and also are morally based. Anansi the spider and stories of turtoise where a constant in the moral proverbial quips my Mom would tell me as life experiences unfolded and we would talk and laugh about them. They are a wonderful way to illustrate and relate basic moral habits by in story form.

African American story telling has a similar moral theme, however the style and use of characters is different. Much of the story development is musical, poetic and spiritual with Christian and Yoruba religious themes, dominating the fabric of the objective, plot and the base of the structural content. The characters are usually human beings, going through extreme trials and their conection to God, love, family, music, lovers, food, education, and environment are makes the story afrocentric.

Hip hop, as I've seen it evolve in my lifetime (I'm a 70's baby), has at its core, elements that are derived from African musicianship, spoken word, MC and announcer. Some of the 70's black urban lingo of the time in regards to pick a woman/man up was called "rapping to her." Some of that is cooked up in there too.

As the music grew from the late 70's to the 80's and 90's rappers, who had started by using the instrumental off the B side of a record started to create ore intricate and original instrumentals, they started to be more like town cryers, and European high court jester, interweaving poetic styles from around the world, Asian infused ragas tonality, and begun to move past its more innoscent beginnings to a more adult driven conversation as the Rappers also evolved new ones became involved and life revolved.

I has been a wonderful new genre and has opened up a new way to express influencial important subject critical to contemporary society.

Many of the Rappers of today and yesterday influenced, so much of what we do everyday. Some of it for great good and some of it not so good.

Some of the early Rappers talked about sefl destruction, told tales of the wrong path, the perrils of street life, sexual immorality and currupt world politics (primaritly American). Though we still have a huge drug epidamic. Crime has dropped all over our country significantly, unemployment pre COVID was at all time lows, the millenials are the most educated generation of late, teen pregnancy is down, the streets are safer, cleaner and there have been strides in education. There is still so much more to achieve, howver I think Hip Hops influence, though beraded constantly for its negative contant, has had some positive influence as well.

A framed water color painting o a black woman playing a flute while tippy toeing on an Elephant. This picture hangs next to the door of the waiting rom at Harlem Hospital's Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic. 


Lord, I'm Willing and Able!

I want to dance and sing, somebody watch me do my thing

Oh (willin')

Oh (able)

Oh (willin' and able)

I want to dance and sing, somebody watch me do my thing

(Dance and sing, let me watch you do your thing)

(Oh, bring it to me)

- Prince Roger Nelson

Disability: Dis = Disrespect. Ability = ability (n.) late 14c., "state or condition of being able; capacity to do or act," from Old French ableté "ability (to inherit)," from Latin habilitatem (nominative habilitas, in Medieval Latin abilitas) "aptitude, ability," noun of quality from habilis "easy to manage, handy" (see able).

Pronunciation Edit · IPA: /ˈeɪ.bl̩/; Homophone: able ... And Cain talked with Abel his brother: and it came to pass, when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him. A male given name. A patronymic.... Proper noun Edit. Abel m. Abel (biblical); A male given name of biblical origin.

Disabled (adj.): "incapacitated," 1630s, past-participle adjective from disable. Earlier it meant "legally disqualified" (mid-15c.).

Parables: a simple story used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson, as told by Jesus in the gospels.

Growing through adversity (ad-verse-ity). Life has forces that make challenge you to Many times a disability can force you to use of think of another way to navigate life thus honing in on another ability or a solution to you disability that you can share to help another human being with a mental or physical plight.

Disabilities are hard to deal with, especially when your young. They are austrocising, confusing, embarassing and make you feel something worthless. They can have unwanted teasing at reletless speeds thrown at you and sometimes the medical work that you have to endure is traumatising. They can be so trying and I can speak from experience you can feel at times defeated or worse.

Paranoid Schizophrenia: is characterized by predominantly positive symptoms of schizophrenia, including delusions and hallucinations. These debilitating symptoms blur the line between what is real and what isn't, making it difficult for the person to lead a typical life. Early 20th century: modern Latin, from Greek skhizein ‘to split’ + phrēn ‘mind’.

Dyslexia: a general term for disorders that involve difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols, but that do not affect general intelligence. Late 19th century: coined in German from dys- ‘difficult’ + Greek lexis ‘speech’ (apparently by confusion of Greek legein ‘to speak’ and Latin legere ‘to read’).

A quote of encouragement: "Your biggest curse, will be your biggest blessing!"

I always loved that saying. I found it so encouraging. I was born with childhood schizophrenia and developed dislexia at around 9 or 10 years old. I was almost left back because my reading and oral presentation had become so slow that my teachers were not certain if I would be able to handle 6th grade work if I did not show improvement.

I was stunned and scared. Most of my grades were very good and I did not want to get left back. I was asked if I wanted to take some extra theraputic reading classes with a Reading Specialist. I said yes and diligently took the classes. My teachers then told me that after testing, that my scores had improved sufficiently enough for me to advance to the 6th grade. That was probably one of the most troubling times I faced academically. However, percerverance extra hard diligent work paid off and I was able to overcome a serious academic obstacle. It did not happen over night and throughout my life disexia has troubled me. I had to several times ask for additional time to take test sometime with a government certified note of approval. I went through all the hoops and channel and succeeded to not only get an invitation to study at Princeton University, got into all 7 of the schools I applied to and graduate from Wesleyan University!

Through out all of those academic trials, I heavily hallucinate. My hallucinations are not at all benevolent in nature and they are stifling. I remember while take my SATs hearing the voices tel me to pick the wrong answer and I had to find the right one while under the time gun. I had severe anxiety attacks before preforming. Claustophobic crisis while flying and in the trains, but would carry on anyway. In my Junior year of college, also began to have bipolar episodes.

I developed paraniod schizophenia and had a schizoactive break at around 26 to 32 years old.  I was hospitalized for the first time and my worst nightmare happened, I was put into a white straight jacket, injected some sleeping agent and strapped to a strecher. I had tto stay in the hospital for three weeks. It was aweful.

When I came out, I resumed therapy and it became more intense. I finally found the right place for me to receive treatment and went regularly. The medication was not very helpful, but since it was part of my treatment, was diligent and dutiful when it came to taking my medicine and reporting the effects and side affects to my doctor.

I have also had to battle clinical levls of depression at times. It is a terrible battleand can lead to appitite issue , sexual health issues and hygene issues. So, dealing with my issues head on is important so, I do not loose sight of my goals, dreams and acomplishments.

Close to 20 years later, I am still dealing with my deseases. They are trying everyday. I was hospitalize two more times in the last 20 years, had a lot of therapy and taken a lot of prescribed medication. It has been trying. I have benefited over the years greatly from therapy. I read up on my deseases, go over the possible solutions that the doctors have, and prepare note for my therapy sessions, jotting down all of my thoughts and concerns since the last visit.

I had physical side affects occured as well. I gained 80 pounds. I developed facial hair. High blood pressure, diabetes and I was born with egxema and had to manage flair ups. All of these issues have been mentally and physically torchurous and exhausting. I would cry and wonder why I had to go through such at times umbearable pain.

Your eye is a lamp that provides light for your body. When your eye is healthy, your whole body is filled with light. But when your eye is unhealthy, your whole body is filled with darkness, and how deep that darkness is! - Matthew 6: 22-24

Glucoma runs in my family and my mother is color clond. I use to have excellent vision 20/20. However, As I have gotten older, my eye sight has began to degrade. It is interesting what I have begun to see. I start to see more blurry images that look life electified nerves. I have also seen images like Egyptian pyramids and eyes of horus. I wathced the view on morning and Joy Behar discussed getting eye surgery. She talked about how she was beginning to see everything in aubor red and everything looked dirty.

It's interesting how some diabilities can have a way of metaphorically telling you something that is out of place in regards to the perfect anf clean vision that God has for you. My mental health and physivcal health issues I ponder and think what do they symbolize? How can I make them better? I also in prayer ask for God's guidance.

I've got to repeat that quote I stated above:

"Your biggest curse, will be your biggest blessing!"

Jesus, is a healer, his disciples, and the bible are sent to heal. Corruption, desease, beaurocracy and other erosive issues are destroying this world. Knowledge is the torch of wisdom and aids us throughout our lives.  Though my mental and medical issues have been troubling, I have been able to have a lot of sucees in my life and I am rpoud of that. I can be a fearfilled scaredy cat! I can overwhelm myself with worry that it impacitates me. However, with every step I grow and get stronger. I have overcome a lot and have managed my crisis. I have learned how to enjoy the good times and manage well setbacks and failure. That has been wonderful.

God did not put in your life more than you can bear!

Challenge yourself!! Remember use your mind over your matters!!!

Racism and Privilege

Preamble to US Constitution

We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United Stated of America. - September 17, 1787

Privilege: a special right, advantage,

or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group:

- Education is a right not a privilege

- English inheritance law privileged his eldest son 

Powered by Oxford Dictionaries

Know your rights.

No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other; you will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and be enslaved to money.

Rich people picture themselves as wise, but their real poverty is evident to the poor.

Proverbs 27:11

For the love of money, is the root of all kinds of evil. And some people, craving money, have wandered from the true faith and pierced themselves with many sorrows.

Timothy 6:10

First I see what you do with a little you earn my trust. Then I'll give you a lot

Don't store up treasures here on earth, where moths eat them and rust destroys them, and where thieves break in and steal. Store your treasures in heaven, where your treasure is,

there the desires of your heart will be.

Matthew 6:19-22

"I got my mind on my money and my money on my mind."  ~ Gin and Juice

- Snoop Dogg

Focusing on God is loving yourself first and as they say charity begins at home. It is so important that before you go out and conquere the world, that you are ready too do so! First things first: You should be rooted in God's word and ways. Second, you should have good daily living skills down pat, as well as a quality education, then you are ready to conquere the world step by step.

Young Money!

When you're young, you are introduced to money immediately. It is central to so many daily transactions. As kids, we can get overly excited at what great things money brings and what fun. It seems like, it's simple, the more of it you have the better life is. Many of us immediately dream of having millions, no maybe I'll be a billionare one day. Not so fast! You've got to learn all about it and understand its nature, like with most everything else, the more you know, the better you do.

In the bible God says, "I'll start you out with a little and see how you do. If I think you can handle it responsibly, I'll give you a lot more." I'm paraphrasing! This whole world is like that to me. It is metaphorically a tree rooted in dirt, soil, blah nothing! If you take care of the tree well it is long lasting and beautiful. You have to learn how to take care of mother earth. She is a teacher and spiritual guide. The earth is round, mostly water and brown soil based. Your journey here had those elements too. The overy being round in the womb, the seamen, and the water that encapsulates your journey, until bomb, knock, ouch,  your here and alive!

When I was young and in the Bronx, I used to love my penny candy! They were delicious and plentiful. With just 10 cents, I would get more that enough for the day! Ha, ha, ha...My Mom of course thought that 10 large today's bodega peppermints for the day was greedy. It was my sweet joy! How sweet was that. Well, the corrosion that can happen to your teeth at such a young age and if you are not careful, perminantly, was lots. Veinly, I loved the taste. They were delicious. What I was doing to my teeth, gums, A1C #s, hemoglobin count, skin and other important functions in my body, I had no idea. Quite frankly, remembering my mother's face and disdain for all the candy and having to slowdown and start with important listening skills, is the only reason why I still have close to all of my teeth today. My Mom is a brilliant woman and teacher, but she could not explain everything in one day. So, aquiring important disciple and listening skills was very important.

Many times pressures from peers or even family members that start to make one think more abstractly about achievements, or what one can momentarily attain. "You can't take it with you..." is what many say to a person who tries to hoard momentary things like money, gold or their favorite trinkets. The bible warns that in God design of this journey, your nature many time will not line up with his greater knowledge and direction. It is always important to pray and earnestly seek God's council in everything that you do. The end results are more rewarding and gratifying. Often times we have our own idea, peer pressures, desperations, selfishness needs, and they get in our way. This can become hugely destructive. Taking every step you can to give God the glory and when the time is right, he will give you the desires of your heart.

Many of the modern time's greatest musicians, have roots in the church. I watch as they create and the importance that church has on their creative process. Reading, being apart of the service and reflecting on the word are important building blocks to some of our most cherished songs of the modern day.

I meditate and study on this important verse. So much of our day to day dealings has to do with money.

God watches all of our choices everyday.

The casted out angel Lucifer's final act against God's better style of teaching, he has created with his legions of followers, a divide and conquer creation that will prove to God the unworthiness of his children of his kingdom. The lack of devotion and lazy spirits will disown him in times of trouble. As some of your friends are, when time are good, they are just smiling and partaking in the bounty, but when the going gets tough, they are not around to support you. That is just the facts of life for your frienemies, fake friends, users, and abusers. They only know you when it's convenient. They don't know you when there is trouble. One of the most interesting characters with this posed to him so, cut and dry, was Job in the bible.

In these final days, where through this last European conquest, the world, though the white man's burden to enlighten the earth in regards to Christian priciples, there is a lot to learn about the mind of God and the mind of his best friend who went against him, Lucifer. Sometimes, I don't know about these people that show me love, when it seems so obviously what they mean to do is curse me!

Racism, priveledge and money, are forces that can be oppressive and dim the joythat life can bring.  Luciferian experiance by design. Race is defined sociologically as groups of people that have biological, genetic and socialogical disifferences that are classified as distinct enough to put a significant separation to them by name. I am Igbo. In English, the word Igbo is classified as an ethnic group. Priviledge in the West, sociologically, is a term typically used by those who are considered to be of the upper class. In America, it also has a racial relationship.

At a seminar given by CUNY just a few months ago, during a discussion about race, gender, class, the livability of New York, one of the leaders started to discuss his advantages and priveledges as a White man.  He talked about his economic advantages and general access to certain hings with a smile. I asked him. He told of his pedigree and it was impressive. He was born into a middle class home, went to fine institutions to study and was a successful academission. He seem to brag heavily about his White male priveledges and how he enjoyed what it afforded him.

I was a little perplexed about his comfortablility in the inequality of it all and ask him point blank if it was fair. I told him that I had a similar pedigree, but was not afforded the same comforts. After dancing around answering back directly, like he was on the stand in a courtroom, he finally answered, "No!" I was glad that he finanly gave me a straight forward answer and soon after left.

As equals in the world and as God's children, these gross inequities are troubling. People are litterally dying from lack of healthy environments and resources. Racism, colorism, sexism, and classism, just further hinder our individual right to our liberty, justice and full economic independence and our well being. Capitalism, communism, socialism, and Kingship are also hard to navigate and lead to erosions where the are people living well beneath a healthy human standard.

In the tech and computer age, so many things can be streamlined to make for easier access to affordable products, creations of healthy environments and to working as a world more efficiently together. Let's tell Lucifer, "Hey ain't down with your imps and fairies anymore! No more divide and conquer economics!! No more make a problem and solve it for bucks!!! Let get off of work more ofter and make more work. Let's spend more time with our families instead of making busy work to pay bills with bills for Bill, huh? If we take Jesus more seriously as a world, I believe that the more abundant life is guarenteed!!!

Thoughts on sexual perversion including rape,

incest and molestation and the detrimental toll it

takes on women and their families.

Who can find a virtuous and capable wife? She is worth more than precious rubies. 

Her husband can trust her, and she will greatly enrich his life. She finds wool and flax and busily spins it. She is like a merchant's ship, she brings her food from afar. She gets up before dawn to prepare breakfast for her household and plan the day's work for her servant girls. She goes out to inspect a field and buys it, with her earnings she plants a vineyard.

She is energetic and strong, a hard worker. She watches for bargain; her lights burn late into the night. Her hands are busy spinning thread, her fingers twisting fiber. She extend a helping hand to the poor and opens her arms to the needy. She has no fear of winter for er household because all of them have warm clothes. She quilts er own bedspreads. She dresses like royalty in gowns of finest cloth. Her husband is well known, for he sits in the council meeting with the other civic leaders. She makes belted linen garments and sashes to sell to merchants.

She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs with no fear of the future. When she speaks , her words are wise, and kindness is the rule when she gives instructions. She carefully watches all that goes on in her household and does not have to bear the consequences of laziness. Her children stand and bless her. Her husband praises her. "There are many virtuous and capable women in the world, but you surpass them all!" Charm is deceptive and beauty does not last, but a woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised. Reward her for all she has done. Let her deeds publicly declare her praise.

Proverbs: 10-30

I jog in Central Park without dealing with all the nonsense? Disgusting! D*mn... Ya'll men need to clean it up!

I still remember being a girl, jogging or biking through Central Park with my walkman. I would love to breath in the air, hear the rustling of the the trees, hear the birds, interact with nature and other people in the park. I enjoyed being around people who seemed to be taking the time be active and I would enjoy feeling like I was doing something good for myself.

The downside would always be, the perverts: mostly men, misbehaving and displaying unbelievably sexually immoral actions right in Central Park. In the 70's and 80's, you could barely get into the park without being accosted by naked man in trench coats standing on hills exposing themselves to children playing in the playgrounds. It was disgusting.

On the subways, men would sexually gratify themselves too often in front of woman and children. Many times, when I was young, I would have to change subway cars just to stay safe. I don't know a woman who could tell me that she had not been pressed up on by a man inappropriately. Just walking down the street, I would get groped. It was infuriating and it seemed to happen all the time.

Even sexually implicit eyes from older men bothered me and I was always disturbed to hear from young women and girls stories of incestuous relations, rape experiences and assaults. Young woman and girls would recount being assaulted after innocently rejecting a man/boy's advances. The mental anguish that these experiences caused were unbearable and they struggled with the trauma throughout their lives.

Thank God today the crime rates including sexual assaults, have significantly diminished. However, there are still those that continue to consciously violate others. This is so damaging to woman and children. I have friends that have contemplated suicide because of the emotional toll. I have witnessed women crippled by the trauma and become so impaired that it affects their parenting abilities. I have seen children exposed to these experiences or have had inappropriate sexual contact of some sort, have their choices become confused and emotionally become withdrawn or hyper-aggressive. I've heard of several people male and female talk about how being what they termed molested changed their sexual scope in a way that they did not seem too comfortable with.

I feel sexually immoral behaviors are running rampant in our world today and they're crippling mental health of many civilians. I spent too much time as a child being scared of war and not feeling comfortable enough at time to go outside in New York City because I was nervous about being molested. Dating these day is still an issue with violent sexual attacks far too common. What do these predators get out of these attacks? Power? Pleasure? What ever precipitates these actions, it has got to stop!

I am happy to see new initiatives like Thrive NYC happening. They are steps toward better mental health for New Yorkers. More needs to be done about intervention regarding to children and sexual attacks. Then maybe, we may be able to break the cycle of abuse. 

Michael Jackson: A character study of American early child development, the entertainment business, its toll on life expectancy and children's overall mental health.

Michael Jackson was one of the greatest entertainers in modern history. In his songs, he told wonderful stories about love and the human experience so well. His recorded public life unfortunately told a tragic story of a poorly developed child whose life ended prematurely because he had prematurely began working rather than experiencing socially maturing appropriately from childhood to adulthood.

Michael Jackson used to complain about long hours in the studio and wishing he could be out playing with the kids on the playground. He would tell interviewers that he wished he had experienced school as an average kid. He'd also talk, through out his career, about having lost his childhood including writing a song about it . He'd talk endlessly about growing up around yes men and users that seemed to physically, emotionally and financially drain him.

He seem to have a love for music but, also in his brilliance, shared with his audience the conscious pain he felt from not having lived a, what he termed, "normal childhood". He seemed disinterested in the financial gains that as we all know we're hounded by but, don't end up being all they are cracked up to be. Most of the time, though it's wonderful to have money in the pockets" much of the experience of attaining it, can be draining. The western economy has never been a stable one. Countless wars have manifested from it.

As Michael Jackson performed, over the span of his career he told the story of an uneducated man that did not know if he was black or white, who had a questionable skin disease or had his skin bleached, had straightened his hair, had transexual-styled/coon-styled reddening of his lips, had grown to have grotesque spending habits, constantly complained about being used and cheated by individuals surrounding him. He disfigured his beautiful face to have a more white/euro-centric appeal, constantly fought with his family, questionable sexual conduct (homosexuality and/or pedophilia), drug abuse and ultimately he died of an overdose or committed suicide.

In the picture above, a timid looking young Michael Jackson is holding a mask. To me, that mask symbolizes the perverted ideals white America wants to impress on the black and brown mind. Without a proper education, self respect and awareness, some of us begin to believe that those ideals are admirable and should be apart of our existence. I have seen other uneducated American talents have plastic surgery and bleach their skin in order to look more like the white American aesthetic ideal.

In Africa, the mask is designed to be used to tell stories about the social mores of the society. The mask is important in West African culture because it is an important part of the theater and entertainment of the people. The mask and the masqueraders are used, at market, gatherings and important ceremonies as a conduit for spiritual and ancestral connection and celebration.

The masks are not used by children. They are used as an educational tool with deep, religious, spiritual, and intellectual value. The male masqueraders, that are typically apart of a secret society, go through long periods of preparation and learning before they emerge to perform their duties as masqueraders. There is usually a certain age and confidence that the elders, who have been apart of the tradition throughout their life, has for the new initiates who are usually hand picked for this job that is held in high esteem.

The social commentary and mores of the people are then told by different characters and stories danced with a musician(s) accompany the masqueraders. The etchings, the coloring, the nose, the eyes, the hair, the clothes, they all are significant to the creator of the mask. The mask makers are experts at their work. They know what every etching carved means and what they are trying to relay in regards to behavior, etiquette, and class to their people.

Growing up in this country, which has such an ugly color and race history, I find that young Americans of color can get confused about their values and value (black lives matter movement). The social, physical and material goals/aspirations, and how to attain them, of white Americans are diametrically opposed to the goals of the African most of the time. I remember, before reading lots of books about how hair trends came to be, I was obsessed with getting my hair straightened and the straighter the better! I wanted to impress all the boys and look really cute!! Through my education, I was able to get a healthier understanding of myself and relationship to my hair. I was already very young beginning to do a lot of damage to my hair and if I had continued to treat my hair so harshly in order to look like what I perceived as the in style, I would have lost all my hair very early in my life. Through my education, I was able to learn how to take care of my hair properly and enjoy a variety of the latest greatest styles in a more healthy and appropriate manner.

I remember my mother and father always trying to impress on me the importance of growing well and in all areas. My mother in particular, would explain how many times if a child is particularly gifted in one area, may sometimes being accelerated to an advance class, where they are with older students all day. It typically was not always the best choice. Their talents and education may grow, but their social and psychological maturing might suffer.

I believe rearing a well rounded child is a tough task, but is one of the most rewarding. Watching what we let our children take in is crucial to their healthy development and making sure that they reach beyond the stars in their education, talent growth, health and socially well-adjusted. It is wonderful to watch, achieve and enjoy.

Women and Images in the Media:

the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

TMZ Entertains and Informs the Public About Race and Color. Kierdan from Orlando Explains How Kanye, Onye (Pronounced Awnye) and Other Black Women Are Sell Outs with Assumed,

LGBTQIIAP Affiliates!'​

I am a fan of American entertainment, but to a point! The negative, racist, misogynistic, sexist, homocentric themes, and misinformation drives me crazy. The TV many times can just be down right toxic!! Sometimes after watching a program, I feel so angry and offended, I believe my stomach fills up with bile!!!

The American media machine constantly barrages woman, in particular black woman, with insulting and denigrating images that are designed to tare our self esteem apart and make us hunger for materials and products that will make us feel "like someone." I witnessed one white male late night comedian just blatantly call a black female fellow comedian "ugly, fat and bougie" He was relentless. How can you consciously call that comedy?

Some of the tricks used by the media are designed to draw consumers in so, they will purchase products. They use highly questionable moral means in order to do so. Other tricks involving photo editing try to target "typical" female insecurities to cripple female self esteem like skin color, body type, hair type, nose size and other American aesthetic ideals.

Though I find it is wonderful to see people from all walks of life beginning to more and more take the stage and flourish as entertainers and artists, now I feel there is a strong manipulative push for LGBTQ rights to out weigh the rights and freedoms of others and that this is not right or fair. I feel we should be looking towards the future and embracing a time where our intellect, talent, skills, treatment of people and work ethic, prevail over genetic expression, "race/color", sex or sexual orientation as the criteria used in regards to our employment and housing. I feel like the pendulum is just swinging the other way and fairness and civility are being missed again!!!

American culture keeps evolving. The 70's seemed to bring fresh energy and life to American culture. Positive integration, the continuation of the conversation about civil rights, housing rights, anti-war rhetoric and safety were hot on people's tongues. Then there was a huge backslide! The "decadent 80's." They weren't all that greats influencing and defining American morality!! Grotesque greed and the lifestyles of the rich and famous became the trend. Selfishness and wasp ideals took over and so did crack!!

The industry has a strong percentage of artist and entertainers that identify as LGBTQ. Sometimes I wonder if there is a sexually competitive force that drives the LGBTQ, predominantly males executives, to keep women feeling less than themselves socially as the media is apart of a personal agenda. Are they trying to diminish heterosexual dynamics to aggregate more homosexual connections? Is that a wild conspiracy theory or just another underhanded and cheap shot! I also wonder about the western monetary design that, created primarily by white American affluence, is designed intentionally to fracture the heterosexual union or if it is an inherent issue with money and its use the reason. Sometimes it seems like many people are turning unwillingly to prostitution and engaging in LGBTQ marriages and relationships with white Americans and others not out of love but, the financial comforts that come with the practice.

Woman already have, in general, a social plight being considered second to men even though we are equals. Black women (and men) are considered third class citizens and even termed "third world people" even though we are equals.

I find it important that all of the industry is mindful that their messages are powerful and impact all of our lives. We converse about their ideas and works all day and that it is critical that they take their impact on our lives seriously (especially the impressionable images that children are ingesting). The media from the executive on down needs to be more responsible in their programming and remember that we are all equals and should be respected as such. As a nation we must continue to grow and in the right direction together peacefully.

Hansel and Gretel

Life in New York can be just as scary as that luni-bin called Granny's in the fairy tail Hansel and Gretel. The first time I read Hansel and Gretel, it was a bit intimidating. There is so much going on everyday in regards to terrible stories about abducted children, molested kids, pedophilia, and so much more sexual misconduct everywhere everyday in the New York City media (NY Times, ABC News etc.) it scary.  Reading the story and learning in school about the point of stories, I wasn't sure if it was a life for telling story, for shadowing what was to come of or just a childhood tale told to generally warn children about improper behavior and the terrifying results that could arise.

In the story these two children go into the woods looking for food because their impoverished father had haphazardly used the last portion of food he had stored in the house. He and the young children were desparate for food. The children saw a beautiful little cottage with candy dripping from all parts of it. Now a kid from New York might think, "well how convenient, just what I wanted, yay" sacastically. However, thses two German children were over joyed by the sugar cane dream! Candy everywhere, all the time! 

A hungry grandmother and grandfather that hadn't eaten little children in a while appeared and asked them if they wantd to come inside, chill, and get hang out. They looked at her and said, "sure." When she could, she captured them and put them in a golden cage. They were pretty blondes. She was going to eat and eat good!

Now this is where it gets weird. When I first read this story in the 70's it had an ending where the grandmother and her husband, after fattening the kids up, roasted them in an oven and ate them. I was shock and asked my teachers in school what that was all about. I saw that on the Upper West Side, the children were different that me in look and behavior and there was a general deppression in the air. WWII had ended just a few decades ago, the Vietnam war was coming to a close and the cold war with Russia was begining to become more tense. The holocaust was a hot button topic and their was a lot of conversation inregards to the Jewish children families and their experiences. The holocaust I heard was a primarily German centric experience and many woman and children were put in camps and exterminated. It sounded like an awefl and disgusting experience. Many of my classmate who seemed reasonably nice were from that region and personally affected. Hearing about all of the tense issues with the African American and other races, I wondered how closely related this fairytale was to their experience.

In the second end of the story, when the witch (not grandmother) was ready for Hansel, she took him out of the golden cage and was going to cook him. She stopped at the funace opening to tend to the fire and Gretle pushed her into the furnace burning her alive. This was also an aweful end to the story.

In this fairytail, there are many things that sound, pedophilic, sedomassachistic and canbolistic; the granny who wants to eat young girls and the golden cage are two that jump out at me. This world does seem to have a lot of these elements to it. In Greek mythology the imagery seems scary as the retribution for misdeeds in the life to come are great, Hadestown, even natural disasters like earthquakes, the Houston hurricain all seem so eirrie.

Weinstein, Allen, Lowry, Cosby and countless others in my lifetime have had told of, in the media, sexual experiences that have been deemed by the courts as misconduct. Some of these individuals received long jail sentences for their conduct. The bible warns about Hell fire and other retibution for such aggregious acts. So, it is important to mind what you do, live peacefully and leanly. You don't need to inhale this whole world and any world. You are more important and not everything is good for you. Be distinguishing. Take the time to honor yourself. Find out what best for you to build the best you. That will make you happiest and proudest. God loves you and he's nice with his hands! Take care of you with the ways and paths that will please a good father, he will give your those desires in your heart. He just does it in is time and when you show him you are mature enough to handle them and with others.

From Big Pharma to the 

Street of the Big Apple - Drug Dealing

American culture and economics has a quick fix mentality. From McDonald's to modern medicine, I am constantly hearing about the latest magic product that is going to change my life for the better. Well, the economy is now being built on the latest get rich quick scheme: pharmaceuticals. From the "legitimate" laboratories to the streets, fast and big money is being generated by drugs. One of the drugs my doctor prescribes costs close to $600 a month.

This scheme is beginning to spiral out of control and many people with ailments including myself worry that we are being used as guinea pigs and dupes for quick cash. I overheard one doctor tell another "It's like taking candy from a baby!", while they were writing me another script! I felt naked and embarrassed. I felt I was being forced to take something I was not sure would help my ailment and that I was at the mercy of my doctors. I could not believe he had just said that. I have witnessed too many screaming matches with doctors and the treatment of financially lower class patients like expendable just because the means are questionable. I once questioned the professional practice of having me wait three hours for her services. Don't get me wrong, she was excellent at what she does, but she replied with the embarrassing snipe "Well, what insurance do you have?" Huh!?!

Some of these doctors get real pushy about making sure the prescriptions are filled and I don't know how many of you had a false diagnosis or the easel pushing some weird vitamin whipped out after a clean general check up!! Or is that scheme too old for some of you to have gone through!!!

I like to live naturally and use my head and ed! African culture is rooted in natural healing. The use of healthy diet and exercise as the key to a long healthy life. Community over money including the use of a basically free system as the joy of the African village. The West's village is much more money oriented and drugs are hot, are humanity not!!

God's message in the ladder days is healing and it has always been about love: Love thy neighbor. We need to get back to that and not forget that all this money is a tool for us to have some fun with each other and we should not make it more important than us.

I feel we need to continue towards the dream of an equal and just world that our Lord would be proud of. Amen? Amen!!!

The American

Dream vs. Economic Justice:​

Such is the fate of all who are greedy

for money;it robs them of life

Proverb 1:19

Justice, the community as a collective, equality, respect and civility are very much apart of the African and African American fabric of social mores that tie us together. The American social tapestry is quiet different. Built on the cruel involuntary labor (slavery), many times our racial/color identification, financial status, sex, drugs and a little bit of rock and roll well what have we ended up with?...misery loves company!

Economic inequality and the disparity between the rich and poor are astounding in America. We dehumanize each other through tribalism, cannibalism and the "them verses us" cognitive bias. We selfishly allow childish desires to stand out make us treat each in a more or less way instead of a more neighborly way. Our love to mock and see someone else down when we are down is destroying our souls. We need to rely less on the intrinsic value of money and more as a society on what we can share with each others which always is more love.

I heard Meagan McCain on the "The View" quip one morning that Republicans stick together and Democrats cannibalize their kids. After some thought, I realized how real that statement is. Some women have their kids sell drugs for extra income to pay bills like rent. Some women have perverted men/women sleep with their kids for cash. Some people let their kids work in sweatshops or other inappropriate work environments for quick cash. Institutionally, prisons are built for embarrassingly cheap labor. Pharmaceutical companies sell drugs to keep you hooked for a cheap check. Meagan, don't act like the Republican God like idol the NRA is not cannibalism at it's worst as well. You can not forget the students at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Columbine High School and even at my alma mater, Wesleyan University.

Economic justice and equality also have their opposition to the American dream, which is more of a independent nuclear family style of pursuit of happiness and financial prosperity. It has its wonderful value of character development, skill refinement, stability and a host of other valuable treasures. However, seeing your brothers and sisters suffer while your on top should never feel good to your soul. It certainly does not to mine.

I feel finding balance is importance. Maybe, as an individual toppling the system and creating utopian financial bliss may not be immediately possible, but I find helping people by volunteering at church, loaning a friend a couple of dollars when in need, sharing my education so someone else, being involved in community meetings that discuss progressive issues and politics and voting, can help us help our selves and others in this imperfect system. Supporting/mixing more socialist and communist elements and programs that are showing signs of American growth while working with the capitalist system. Cutting the fat of the plume of financially worthless investments on magic and unwanted creations and vetting celebrities more on their education/inspirations creation rather than just to continue the white American aesthetics and homosexual desires of just a few. Trillions of dollars are being mismanaged and wasted. American children need to be fed well. In America, which is blessed with great opportunities, great riches, diverse people, and experiences, we can do better! 

Thank you Soror Aretha Franklyn

Thank you so much for your music and spirit Soror Franklyn. Your music continues to mean so much to me as an artist. From listening to you as an inspiration, to creating my own style, to having some of my best auditions responses after performing one of your creations and shows, you have been very important to me as a musician and woman. God bless you, always.