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X Knowledge + MLK!

 X knowledge + MLK

  The power of the mind

      Can defeat empires and slay

Great beasts who target you

Is it Judas or another Jew?

Were they in charge of great powers they lost?

Are they arrogant and always think they're the boss?

They want to keep great power over me 

They're jealous and do not want me to succeed... 

Onye's Grand Uncle D'Obasi is a Village Chief in S.E. Nigeria and an Elder in the African Presbyterian church. 

This is Onye's spiritual bookshelf and alter at home! Knowledge is power!!

She clipped on her frame-board the first prayer her Dad asked her to write down and memorize at 4 years old. I miss you! RIP Daddy!!

Grace United Methodist Church

125 West 104th Street New York, NY 10025

This is Onye's home church and she is a proud serving member. Above are some of the warm, inviting, dedicated and knowledgeable women who lead the church including as members of the GUMC Choir. 

Dr. Sam and Tyra Chekwas

Nigerian born Greek dentist. Owner of African Carribean cafe and restaurant Guggins.

One of Onye's Favorite Uncles!

Check out my Affiliates Page for more on Guggins.

Tochi Agwai

MBA, University of Miami

Deputy Controller, Nigerian Government and the Founder of the 

Tochisville Heritage Foundation

One of Onye's Favorite Aunties! 

Hassan Mahamah

Works for 

Human Resources Administration

BA, Ghana Workers College

Onye's Coolest Uncle!

Dr. Dickson Okereke Onyejuruwa

CUNY, BA 1969, MA 1971 

TC, Columbia University EdM, 1975

TC, Columbia University, MS, '81, MS '83

University of Nigeria, Owerri, Nigeria, 

Africa NCE Dip Ed, 1965 

Onye's D​ad!

Obinna Onwuchekwa

Regional Senior Coordinator, 

Human Resources Administration, 

Special Correspondent, Our Work Media Magazine, and Author of the acclaimed book series, Dictates of the Heart

Onye's Gorgeous Aunty! 

Joy Nkechi Osazee

University of Calabar and the

 Bida Poly-technique, Nigeria, OND

Supervisor - Fair Hearing Administration, HRA

RIP Aunty... Miss you!

Ngozi Onwuchekwa

Computer Expert, Visual Artist and 

Karate Black Belt

MBA, Baruch College, CUNY

Captain in the Nigerian Civil War aka Biafra War:  Igbo Air Force. Onye's Favorite Uncle! 

The eldest and the rock of her family.

Chinyere Onwuchekwa

JD, University of Arkansas School of Law

Ugochukwu Onwuchekwa

Igbo, Nigerian born Entrepreneur and Car Dealership Owner, Seaburn Motors

BA, Federal Government College, 

Ikot Ekpene

Onye's Namesake!

Chidinma Mahamah

Criminal Justice, BS

John Jay College, City University of New York

Deputy Director

Office of Program Accountability Compliance - 

Special Projects: Human Resources Administration

Dept. of Homeless Services, Dept. of Social Services

Onye's Favorite Aunty!


Onye's Professional Resume